Day 30 of Fitness – Bike Riding at Chattahoochee River National Recreation Center

Day 30 of Fitness – Bike riding at Chattahoochee River National Recreation Center

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After the snowstorms that interrupted everyone’s workout schedule including my own, I welcomed the beautiful weather and the chance to take my workout outside for a change. For our final day of fitness, I headed to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Center off Powers Ferry Road to bike for about an hour. I picked this place because of the wide open sky and sunshine, which is perfect for this springtime weather, and not every bike trail is as open as these. If you’re new to biking or are part of the over-50 crowd, like myself, this might be the perfect workout for you. It is the one cardiovascular activity I can do that doesn’t hurt my back and feels good to my body, and plus, this network of trails offers some nice, soft “beginner” trails. Make sure you wear a helmet and bring plenty of water.

Best Self publisher Sherri Adair biking

Best Self publisher Sherri Adair biking at the Chattahoochee River Recreation Center

Because it had been a couple of months since I had been on my bike, I chose to ride at the river as opposed to other, more challenging courses. I wanted to ease back in to the saddle and also get some good old vitamin D. There were lots of people out, so I stayed off the main trail and took side trails that traveled parallel with beautiful views of the river and kept me a safe distance from the groups of walkers and runners. The workout was not as intense as I normally like to ride, but the end result was the same, since it had been a while. My leg, glutes and core were totally engaged and I felt the burn all the way through the ride and afterward. I felt like I had awakened my body from a long winter’s nap, and it felt great.  Plus, I love being outdoors. When choosing indoors versus outdoors, for me it is outdoors every time.

As the weather continues to warm up, take your rides to places that are more shaded, like the Silver Comet Trail or off main trails more into the woods. If you want to try a different twist on an afternoon ride, team up with a friend, rent a tandem bike, and hit the Silver Comet Trail. You can even take a picnic and make a day of it to get a great workout and have fun at the same time.

Details: 1978 Island Ford Parkway, Sandy Springs, GA

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