Day 30 of Fitness – West Coast Workout

Day 30 of Fitness – West Coast Workout 

Best Self staffer: Aubrey Campbell 

Tammy Stokes, Aubrey Campbell

Tammy Stokes, Aubrey Campbell

If you haven’t taken Tammy Stokes’ 60-minute West Coast LIFT class at West Coast Workouts, grab a friend, a water bottle, and head there now! Tammy has created a wonderful atmosphere and following, as there are two locations—one in Buckhead and another in Sandy Springs—for you to choose from depending on where you live. For Day 30 of Fitness, I enrolled in class at her Buckhead studio.

Given that Tammy is the owner and creator of West Coast Workout, I was excited to say the least. Her class was packed, and I could tell I wasn’t the only one excited to learn from Tammy! Before the class she let me know that West Coast LIFT is designed for women and all about using your own body to help sculpt and tone.

To begin our workout we started with a warm-up to get our bodies moving and then jumped right into class. From start to finish, we were constantly moving. On top of sculpting we also incorporated cardio and used a variety of high kick routines and lunges to create a long, lean appearance to the core and lower body. The last 20-minutes of class required us to use two-pound weights and a heart rate elevation that shaped the upper body. Also, with the two-pound weights we completed a variety of punches and movements to isolate our biceps, triceps and shoulders, but still moving to the music and keeping our heart rate up.

Before arriving to West Coast Workout I was excited because I’ve heard so many great things about Tammy and her studio! During, I felt great. The music was upbeat and everyone seemed to be having fun! The hardest part was toward the end. My body felt tired, but I made sure to push myself in order to keep up with Tammy and everyone else in the class.The most enjoyable part of this workout was with the two-pound weights. It was tough. The two pounds felt like 20 by the end of class, but I loved the burn and feeling that I was really toning my arms. Once the workout ended I felt even more awesome than when I arrived! I worked up a great sweat and think that this is an awesome morning workout to start your day!

Tammy truly has a passion for helping her clients live their healthiest and happiest life.  If you are a woman looking to get a great workout to sculpt a long, lean body, the West Coast LIFT is for you!

Details: 107 Paces Ferry Road Set 100, Atlanta, GA, (404) 467-0602,

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