Day 4 of Fitness – Signature Barre Class at Svelte

Day 4 of Fitness – Signature Barre Class at Svelte

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Instructor Donna Burke and Svelte owner Jenny Busing

Instructor Donna Burke and Svelte owner Jenny Busing

As I’m sitting to write about today’s day of fitness, I’m sore in about six different places: triceps, upper abs, lower abs, hamstrings, calves, and every single muscle in my butt. And yet, I barely broke a sweat at yesterday’s workout. How does that make sense? you might be wondering. Well, this workout magic happened at the new barre studio Svelte in Brookhaven, where I attended a morning session of their Signature Barre Class. Donna Burke, who writes the blog Yoga In Heels and was featured in our January blogger article, was the instructor of the 9:30 class I took. She warned us right from the beginning that the reason we wouldn’t sweat much was that, instead, we’d be shaking. That’s right–this class is such a targeted muscle workout that you should expect your muscles to be quivering at the end of each section.

She was right. The class started with us scattered around the mirrored studio, holding small weights that we picked up before class started. We spent several minutes working our arms, but we didn’t do big bicep curls or any other large movements. Donna guided us through small exercises, requiring no more than a few inches of movement each time, that worked every area of our arms. By the end of that segment, my arms were shaky and I was definitely glad to drop the weights, even though they had only been one pound each!

Squatting at the barre

Squatting at the barre--not as easy as it looks!

We moved on to do targeted, small movements for all other areas of our bodies: squatting at the barre for our legs and butt, crunches under the barre using a TheraBand for our core, and several planks and other yoga moves on a mat for our core and legs. This was mixed in with lots of stretching to ensure long, lean muscles. Despite not sweating much, I got a great workout, as evidenced by my sore muscles today. Not only was it great exercise, but it was fun. Donna was friendly and helpful, walking through the room frequently to adjust our positioning, and all the exercises were accompanied by fun pop music, from Britney Spears to Madonna to Dolly Parton. I left feeling strong, cheerful, and amazingly, like I still looked fairly presentable.

To try a Svelte class, drop in to one today for only $14. Make sure you wear or bring socks, or bring $6 to buy a pair of their grippy socks, which prevent you from slipping around when working in the studio–I wished I had some! If you find you love this workout, then join in their upcoming Svelte Shape Up Challenge, which runs January 13 through February 14. The goal is to make it to 3 Svelte classes per week, as well as once weekly attending their free walk/run clubs to get your cardio in. The Challenge will also include option activities like a discounted 3-day juice cleanse from Roots Juices and a trunk show with Atlanta Activewear. Visit their website for more details, and start getting svelte today! I know I’ll be back.

Details: 3944 Peachtree Road, Suite C, Atlanta, GA, 404-889-5963, [email protected],


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