Day 6 of Fitness – Hip Hop Fit at Dance 101

Day 6 of Fitness – Hip Hop Fit at Dance 101

Best Self staffer: Flannery

Dance 101 Hip Hop Fit class

Some light stretching in the studio before class begins

When you’re having trouble staying motivated to work out, you might need to try something that doesn’t seem like a workout at all. Doing yard work, playing catch or tag with the kids, and even taking your dog on a long, brisk walk can be great ways to get moving. For Day 6 of our 30 Days of Fitness, I discovered that one of the best non-workout workouts is a dance class. I went to Dance 101 for an 11:00 a.m. Hip Hop Fit class with instructor D. Norris. I call this class a “non-workout” because it’s so much fun I quickly forgot that, technically, I was working out. As D. said at the beginning of class, “What’s the first rule in here? Have fun. Second rule? Have fun.” The class started off with a fast paced conditioning warm-up. We stretched and did a few crunches to the beat of familiar tunes like NSYNC’s Dirty Pop and other songs that had everyone in the class ready to dance.

Best Self staffer Flannery and Dance 101 instructor D. Norris

Best Self staffer Flannery and Dance 101 instructor D. Norris

After warming up, we jumped right into learning the day’s routine. I am by no means a dancer–unless a few uncoordinated routines in high school musical theater count–but D.’s teaching easily guided me and the rest of the class through the dance. He was careful to learn the names of the newcomers and be sure to check in with the entire class every few minutes to ensure that we understood the movements. As we learned new chunks of the dance, we would run it from the beginning several times to really lock it into our memories. In addition to helping us remember the moves, this repetition is what boosted my heart rate and had me sweating before I knew it! By the end, we were running the routine top to bottom, several times in a row, and I could tell my body was working hard. But since it was a dance class, I was enthusiastically focused on the moves and the music rather than my own fatigue–unlike whenever I’m on a treadmill, when I’m just increasingly tired and bored. So for those of you looking for a way to ditch the dull workouts and still burn a ton of calories and get great cardio, this class might be the perfect fit!

Normally, you can drop in to a Dance 101 class for $20, or take advantage of their new student specials. Right now, you can also take advantage of their 2014 Free Week, which begins January 11 and runs through January 16. You can take up to seven free classes, which allows you to try a variety and find the perfect class for you. Visit their Briarcliff Road location or their brand-new Alpharetta location, opening next week.

Details: 2480 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA, 404-542-3887, [email protected],


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