Day 6 of Fitness – Pure Barre Decatur

By David Leonard

(Left to right) David Leonard, Danielle Thorsen, Lindsay Merrill, and Ashley Goot

(Left to right) David Leonard, Danielle Thorsen, Lindsay Merrill, and Ashley Goot

The latest Pure Barre studio is nestled in downtown Decatur, and offers plenty of parking. I arrived about 10-15 minutes before my scheduled class, which gave me ample time to fill out my paperwork and waivers before we dove into the workout. Pure Barre provides all the equipment you need (ball, hand weights, mats, etc). The staff also did an amazing job taking a newbie like me through the ropes.

Ballet bars line the walls, and they are where you will do the majority of your workout. They really are a great tool to help keep your balance, and allow you to work other parts of your body you might not normally engage during your regular workouts. Our instructor, Lindsay Merrill, constantly checked every students’ form throughout our 55-minute class.The high-energy music worked as great motivation to help you push pass the burn of the pulsating movements.

As the only man in the class, the ladies definitely outnumbered me, but by no means is this a girls club. Men are always welcome to experience the world of barre. They are having an open house this upcoming weekend, so now is the ideal time to give a class at Pure Barre Decatur a try. This brand new studio space is very clean and well taken care of. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some of the music they played so that I can find the energy to clean my house!  When I want some definition/tone with my body I’ll be sure to go back to them.  Until then I’m very appreciative of their small business and happy I went!

Details: 411 Church St, Decatur, GA 30030,

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