Day 6 of Fitness – Roc House Women’s Fitness Spa

Day 6 of Fitness – Rhythm and Ride at ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa 

Best Self staffer: Aubrey Campbell 

Best Self staffer Aubrey Campbell with Roc House Women's Fitness Spa "Rhythm and Ride" Instructor Deery

Best Self staffer Aubrey Campbell with ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa “Rhythm and Ride” Instructor Derry

To commence my first workout for Best Self’s 30 Days of Fitness blog series, I enrolled in ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa one-hour Rhythm and Ride class. Whether you are a first-timer or returning gym member, this high-energy workout requires nothing more than for you to simply show up!

Upon arriving, parking was a breeze, and I was also warmly greeted and shown to the locker room to house my personal belongings. I wasn’t sure what kind of workout I was going to, but by the name of the class, I figured some sort of spinning would be involved.

Once my personal belongings were secured, I was greeted by Derry, our class instructor, who was super friendly and a ball of energy. That energy lasted throughout the entire class! While I found my bike, Derry helped to make sure all of the settings were correct for me. I’ve done lot of spin classes before and the biggest thing for me to enjoy a spin class is the MUSIC! I find it important for songs to have a beat that you can follow along with while you’re on the bike, and Derry’s selection of songs did not disappoint! The whole class was pumped as popular hip-hop, rap and pop songs blared through the speakers.

ROC House Women's Fitness Spa

ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa

During the workout I felt energized, and although the hardest part of the workout was turning up my resistance, I felt even better knowing that I completed such a wonderful class. Overall, the staff was super friendly and accommodating to make sure I felt comfortable. Since ROC House Fitness Spa is a women’s only gym, I felt no intimidation, especially as a first-timer!

ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa is a gym and a salon offering services from massage, hair treatment, skincare, nails and makeup. It really is your one-stop shop to be your best self!

Details: ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa, 3402 Piedmont Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA, 404-500-1621,

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