Day 7 of Fitness – Interval Training at Orangetheory Fitness

Day 7 of Fitness – Interval training at Orangetheory Fitness

Best Self staffer: Flannery

Today’s workout for 30 Days of Fitness happened at the Howell Mill location of Orangetheory Fitness, a nationwide franchise that recently started opening locations in Atlanta. The workout is a circuit of treadmill training, rowing and weight training that promises to burn up to 1000 calories in a one-hour class. Needless to say, I was a little intimidated by that number–it sounded like the class was going to be next to impossible! I had also never rowed before, so I had a new skill to learn on top of working hard, but I was excited to try it out.

Best Self staff member Flannery with Orangetheory instructor Jason

Best Self staff member Flannery with Orangetheory instructor Jason

I arrived about 10 minutes before class began, but I quickly wished I had arrived earlier. If it’s your first time at Orangetheory, plan to arrive at least 20 minutes, if not 30, before class begins so you have time to complete your paperwork and get oriented to the training room. Thankfully, I had enough time for our instructor, Jason, to teach me the basics of the rowing machine before it was time to get started. I strapped on the provided heart monitor and headed in to the training room, which was tinted with orange light to get us in the Orangetheory mood.

As we came in, Jason split us up so that half were on the rowing machines and half were on treadmills. I was in the treadmill group, where I stayed for 30 minutes while the rowing group ran back and forth between their rowing machines and the weight room. Then we switched. Jason consistently gave instruction and metrics goals to both groups, switching back and forth between giving treadmill instructions, rowing instructions and weight room instructions. He guided us on percent incline and speed, and there was a helpful cheat sheet attached to each treadmill indicating the appropriate incline and speed for your skill level. I classified myself as “power walker,” because I didn’t want to commit to too much too early and wear myself out. Turns out, I’m stronger than I thought, and by the end, I definitely felt like I could have worked a little harder. Lesson learned: don’t be afraid to push yourself!

After 30 minutes on the treadmills, during which we kept an eye on the metrics screens that showed our heart rates and whether or not we were in the “Orange Zone” of maximum work, my group switched to the rowing/weights section. Jason demonstrated the movements, and another screen in the corner of the room displayed the weight repetitions and rowing goals we tried to meet. We finished the class with some quick stretching and then a rundown of our final metrics. This metrics screen and the instructor’s helpful explanations are a great way to set your goals for next time.

Orangetheory metrics

Orangetheory metrics - my screen shows that I spent about 32 minutes in the green zone and 20 in the light orange, for a total of 560 calories burned. I definitely could have worked harder!

To try Orangetheory for yourself, visit and register for a class at any of their Atlanta locations. Now is a great time to join because January 17 marks the beginning of their National Weight Loss Challenge. The top male and female participants with the highest percentage of weight loss between January 17 and February 28 will each receive $10,000!

Details: 857 Collier Road, Suite 15, Atlanta, GA, (404) 455-0402,


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