Day 7 of Fitness – Yoga for Athletes at Infinity Yoga

By Jennifer Prins

I have taken yoga classes before, but have never taken one specifically designed for “athletes.” The Yoga for Athletes class at Infinity Yoga Brookhaven was made up of fellow weekend warriors who love to run, cycle, compete in triathlons, play tennis and more.

Infinity Yoga

Jennifer Prins and Jesse Hughes

The stretches zoned in on the areas I abuse on a regular basis, such as my hip flexors, hamstrings and calves (which are always so very tight). We also made sure to hit the shoulder, neck and back areas. Infinity provided all the accessories we needed (blocks, foam rollers and stretch bands). They also offer yoga mats you can rent, or you are welcome to bring your own.

In addition to the yoga poses and stretches, we performed a few balance exercises and did some work with foam rollers. Before this class I had no idea there was a specific way to work with foam rollers to maximize their benefits. The roller portion of the class was a little painful – but in a good way – kind of like during a massage where the therapist hits that area that is in knots! Afterward I was so much more relaxed mentally and physically.

Our instructor, Jesse Hughes, acted as a great guide through the movements, and did a great job explaining why the balance and rollers would help us with our running, cycling, etc.

Before class I was a little stressed from the workday and tight from workouts, so it felt great to stretch the areas that needed it so badly.

As anyone who runs, lifts weights, cycles, etc. on a regular routine knows, we tend to work the same muscles every time and as we age we begin to notice the wear and tear on the body. I highly recommend this fantastic recovery class for us all.

Details: 1376 Dresden Drive Atlanta, GA 30319, 

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