Day 8 of Fitness – Barre Classic at Pink Barre Buckhead

By Alexandra McCray

After taking my first barre class, I have become hooked on this popular way to work out. The Barre Classic class at Pink Barre Buckhead only reinforced my new found attraction to the world of pulsing and tucking.

When I arrived, all I had to do was sign-in for the class I had registered for online. Our instructor, Allise Raad, gave me a quick tour of the studio, provided equipment, (stretch bands, light weights, mats, balls, etc.) and supplied me with a pair of grippy socks (which are required for inside the studio) since I forgot to bring my own.

Pink Barre

Alexandra McCray and Allise Raad

We began class with a few full body movements on our mats to get our heart rate up, and our blood flowing. Using light weights (ranging from 2-4 pounds) we then performed bicep, tricep and shoulder focused moves, while still keeping our lower body engaged. These moves burned — and I mean really burned! What makes so many bar moves burn so intensely is the repetition of tiny, tiny movements and periods of holding. These moves activate those smaller muscles that usually aren’t engaged when you are performing traditional workouts and your larger muscle groups naturally take over.

The rest of our workout was mainly performed on the bar, and focused on a variety of leg muscles. Allise did a great job checking everyone’s form and encouraging us to go just a little deeper. One of my favorite moves involved us bringing our heels together while keeping our toes apart, sinking down into a semi-seated position and then pulsing. This move got right into the glutes. #BuildABooty am I right?  I also loved that Allise encouraged us to stretch and shake out our muscles between really strenuous moves.

If you are venturing into the world of barre like I am, or are a seasoned veteran, this is a great class to add to your workout mix.

Details: 3655 Roswell Road, Suite 222 Atlanta, GA 30342,

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