Day 8 of Fitness – Spartan Fitness

Day 8 of Fitness – Spartan Fitness 

Best Self staffer: Bethany Newlin

Spartan Fitness Atlanta Logo FRONT-blackFor Day 8 of Fitness, I enrolled in a personal training class with Bobby Fournier from Spartan Fitness Atlanta in order to evaluate my physical strength. Not only does an assessment and measurement guide the trainer to know where he or she should begin, but it also helps them to know how they can help you reach your fitness goal. Today’s goal was to simply work on both my legs and abdomen.

Edy Ganem at Spartan Fitness Atlanta

Edy Ganem at Spartan Fitness Atlanta

As a previous athlete, I was sure to notify Bobby of the changes that have occurred in my joints and tendons so that my muscles would not feel overworked. Since I was a first-timer to personal training with Bobby, it felt wonderful to know that Bobby made sure to ease me into each of the different routines from plyometrics to calisthenics, free weights and machines…Bobby does it all!

During the workout my heart rate was up and I was sweating profusely! And although I could feel my muscles burning, there was never any sense of pain. Once my personal training session ended, I felt relieved knowing that I had just had a killer workout where I felt energized rather than exhausted.

The hardest part of my workout was keeping the correct form throughout each entire rep. For example, during one of today’s drills I added an extra hop which made the rep quite easy to do. Bobby instantly corrected my form , and I could barely do 12. The most enjoyable part of my workout was the core work and stretching toward the end. Stretching not only prevents injury, helps with soreness and brings your heart rate down properly, but it also gives you time to relax and breathe before you have to get back to the rest of your day. A personal training session with Bobby is the way to go! If nothing else, be sure to set up an initial consultation to assess where you are physically!

Details: 920 Glenwood Ave Atlanta, GA,

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