Delaine Ross from Condition Kettlebell Gym Gives Her Best Advice

Condition Kettlebell Gym’s Delaine Ross is here to give you her best advice on how to get in shape for summer!

Delaine Ross

What aspects of fitness should people pay extra attention to for spring and summer?

People sometimes neglect just getting outside and playing, It’s important to get out, move and have fun.

If someone is looking to revamp her health, where can she start?

Although exercise is necessary for revamping your body, diet is a huge piece of the puzzle. Start by keeping a food journal so you are conscious of exactly what you put in your body.

What should someone avoid overdoing?

People should avoid overdoing cardio. Weight training is very important for calorie burning. People who spend all their time on an elliptical and never hit the weight room won’t reach their fitness goals!

What do you do to personally to get ready for summer?

I do kettlebell swings and get-ups to prepare for the summer months. Swings offer strength and cardio at the same time, and get-ups give strength and mobility.

What fitness trends will be hot this summer?

For recovery, Icebox Cryotherapy is where it’s at. You spend three minutes in a chamber to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness. Also, get out and walk or bike the BeltLine.

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