Difficulty Seeing? Atlanta Eye Doctor Anar Maurya Has the Solution

Dr. Anar Maurya

Dr. Anar Maurya

Through a groundbreaking procedure, the team at Woodhams Eye Clinic can not only treat cataracts, they can actually prevent it from developing.

Gone are the days of reading glasses being the only solution for issues associated with aging eyes. At Woodhams Eye Clinic, Dr. Anar Maurya leads the charge toward providing excellent eye care and educating patients on the various treatment options available, including PreLexTM, also known as presbyopic lens exchange. This revolutionary procedure can actually prevent cataracts, which is essentially the aging process of the eye, from happening. “In general, readers can be a constant reminder of aging. We are able to reverse the need for readers and thereby let patients feel young again,” says Dr. Maurya.

During the 15- to 20-minute treatment, the eye’s natural lens is swapped out for a multifocal artificial lens. The new lens allows the eye to focus both near and far, mimicking its natural function. For many patients, this result makes PreLexTM better than traditional cataract surgery and LASIK, which are focused on clear vision at only one focal point, and especially beneficial for midlife patients who often lose the ability to see well up close.

More PreLexTM perks include the fact that it also treats myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and presbyopia, which is losing the ability to vary your focus, especially after the age of 40. Once implanted, the new lens will not deteriorate with age, and patients shouldn’t need corrective lenses. Sharon J. had this to say about her experience, “I just had my second lens exchange [PreLexTM]. I can’t tell you how amazing the results of this surgery have been. After years of wearing contacts and glasses, I can see perfectly. Dr. Woodhams and his staff are so wonderful.”

(L to R): Dr. Anar Maurya, Helene Dworitz Reynolds

(L to R): Dr. Anar Maurya, Helene Dworitz Reynolds

PreLexTM is just one service that Dr. Maurya and the Woodhams Eye Clinic team offer as part of a comprehensive optical health office that is laser-focused on the patient experience. Under one roof, patients can maintain their regular eye health visits, be fitted for glasses and contacts, and undergo various outpatient surgeries including the most advanced laser vision correction surgeries and state-of-the-art lens implantation procedures. “At Woodhams Eye Clinic, optometrists, opticians, and ophthalmologists all work together as a team to provide the best care to our patients,” adds Dr. Maurya.

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