Dr. Curt Misko from Cherokee Women's Health gives his Best Advice

Dr. Curt Misko from Cherokee Women’s Health gives his advice about how to get rid of guilt.

Dr. Curt Misko from Cherokee Women's HealthQ: What do we need to recognize about guilt?

A: Guilt is a “hard wired” as well as a learned protective mechanism to help us recognize an action that will eventually harm us.

Q: What is a positive affirmation someone can use to help deal with guilt?

A: Prayer is a fabulous way to help deal with guilt. Developing self-discipline and control is best. Seeking help with the appropriate counselor is key.

Q: Are feelings of guilt associated with health ailments?

A: Yes, most definitely. This depends on what action precipitates the guilty feeling. Common guilt-causing actions include overeating, not exercising, illegal drug use and alcohol abuse, and they all have associated health ailments

Q: What are the negative side effects of guilt?

A: Feeling guilty can precipitate a stress reaction, and a prolonged stress reaction can lead to clinical depression.

Q: Who can you talk to about guilt?

A: If your guilt is health-related, talk to your doctor to help you make a positive change in your life. It really can be a matter of life or death.

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