Dr. Sharon Bent-Harley from the Harley Anti-Aging Institute gives her Best Advice

Harley Anti-Aging Institute’s Dr. Sharon Bent-Harley is here to give you her best advice on how to lift your mood.

Dr. Sharon Bent-Harley from Harley Anti-Aging InstituteWhat can trigger a bad mood?

Hormone imbalance due to perimenopause, menopause, or andropause, including stress, can impact the functioning of our hormones and subsequently, our mood.

What is an easy way to elevate your mood?

Eliminating processed foods from our diet can greatly reduce the toxins that build up in our body. This takes the stress off the digestive system and lets our body focus on producing proper hormone levels. Besides replacing our hormones naturally, exercise also improves our mood.

What saying puts you in a better mood?

Practice saying “I feel great!” Positive thinking projects improved self-esteem.

Where do you go to improve your mood?

I take time out for meditation. Restorative yoga or Tai Chi are also great mood enhancers that I practice.

When all else fails, where can you go for help?

See a qualified healthcare provider that specializes in hormone balancing. It is important to be evaluated because there can be subtle changes that might not be considered a traditional medical illness or disease. People are being treated for depression with medications and may have alternative options for natural therapy.

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