Dr. Shatavia Thomas gives her Best Advice

Marriage and family therapist Dr. Shatavia Thomas gives her advice on how to get rid of guilt.

Q: How can guilt be described?

A: Guilt typically refers to feeling bad about behaviors conflicting with your morals or values. It impacts families because it can lead to emotional distance in relationships.

Q: What is the one thing that most people don’t know about guilt?

A: Guilt can be a good thing! Accepting responsibility for your actions shows growth and emotional maturity. This may lead to closer relationships because you can reaffirm shared values and commitment.

Q: What is the best way to get rid of guilt?

A: Reflect upon how what you did goes against your standards. Acknowledge, apologize and ask what you can do to make amends. Forgive yourself. Learn from the experience.

Q: What do we need to recognize about guilt?

A: It can damage relationships in that the person/people may not be willing to forgive and forget (at least not right away).

Q: What is a positive affirmation someone can use to help deal with guilt?

A: “Grow and go from guilt!” Learn and apply the lesson. Don’t let guilt paralyze your personal development or limit your potential in other relationships.

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