Emory University School of Medicine, Division of Cardiology’s Dr. Danny Eapen Shares His Best Advice

Eapen, DannyDr. Danny Eapen from Emory University School of Medicine, Division of Cardiology shares his best advice on heart disease.

What medical test should men be sure to get? 

All men over 35 must have their fasting cholesterol levels checked via a simple blood draw.

How often should they get this test? 

It can range from semi-annually to every five years, depending on that person’s heart disease risk or whether they are on cholesterol lowering medications. Your primary care doctor or cardiologist will assist you in determining frequency of testing.

What results can they expect to receive? 

A basic cholesterol panel will give you a total cholesterol level (TC), low-density cholesterol (LDL, high-density cholesterol level (HDL) and triglyceride levels (TG). For a man with no heart disease risk factors, optimal cholesterol levels are: less than 200 mg/dl for TC, less than 130 mg/dl for LDL, more than 40 mg/dL for HDL and less than 150 mg/dL for TG.

Is this test typically covered by insurance? 

Yes, nearly all insurance plans will cover basic cholesterol blood tests.

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