Enjoying Retro Aerobics at Exhale Spa

By Anne-Marie Berte @am_sunshine

Retro Aerobics at Exhale Spa literally lit up the studio with all its florescent splendor on Sunday. I came ready in my hot pink top, sparkly headband and side pony.  I couldn’t find my leg warmers so the next best thing had to be florescent socks.  Interesting how styles come back around and all the bright colors we wore back then are hot in the fashion world right now.

Added to the schedule as a special class just for this Sunday, the class had a great turnout. It kept an intense beat and Barbara Schultz led with enthusiastic knee raises, pony kicks, swimmers, grapevine, skiers, box jumps, heel jacks, twists and much much more.

What I loved the most was the way the music kept the energy in the room light and fun.  Guests were smiling as they bounced around working up an incredible sweat.  I felt like a kid again- light on my feet, not a care in the world as my body just moved to the sounds of the 80s.  It’s interesting the memories that can come to mind through music and how we sometimes forget, myself included, that exercise can and should be fun and not so serious all the time.

My heart rate definitely peaked as I burned some serious calories!  So next time you’re bored with your workout routine, don’t forget how fun it is to mix it up – not to mention good for your body and mind!  Turn on some 80s music in your own house and dance around or look to Best Self to find some new, challenging workouts in and around the city.  Heck, I will even take the class with you if you’re looking for someone to motivate you along the way!

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  1. Exhale spa is amazing for the body and the soul. You guys rock!

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