Enjoying the View at the Glenn Hotel

Entering the Luckie Marietta District in downtown Atlanta you’re bound to see a variety of different places to dine or to enjoy a cocktail, however if you want a great view to go along with your savory drink, make sure to head up to the Glenn Hotel’s SkyLounge. This rooftop getaway is the ideal place to begin your night out with friends or to end a romantic date.

After a delicious dinner at the Glenn Hotel’s signature restaurant, Glenn’s Kitchen, where my friend Deana and I enjoyed the grilled artichokes starter plate and Thai steak salads, we made our way up to the SkyLounge for an amazing view of the city. The comfortable lounge chairs and panoramic scene of downtown Atlanta made it easy to see why the place was so crowded.

If you’re in the area attending an event at the Georgia Dome, Phillips Arena, or the CNN Center, Glenn’s Kitchen is a convenient place to stop in for a pre or post event meal. The one must-try drink on their menu (and a new favorite of mine) is the Glenn-tini. This hand-curated cocktail is made with cucumber, mint and green tea-infused vodka with fresh lime and sugar. It’s the ideal refreshing drink for a hot summer’s night.

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