Expert Tips to Keep Hand Youthful

Look out for these common signs of aging that appear on your hands, and use our experts’ tips to avoid them.

Expert Tips to Keep Hand YouthfulYellow nails. Using dark polish can cause some discoloration. Yellow nails may also indicate a fungal infection.

Advice: To prevent yellowing of nails from polish, use a good base coat before painting nails, because nails are porous. Also, don’t leave polish on for a long time, as it can penetrate through base coats and cause discoloration to nails. If it’s from fungus, there are new laser treatments that are very effective as well as prescription medication.

~ Jill Barron, cosmetic consultant and licensed esthetician, Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa

Thin skin. You lose fat under your skin as you age, which can make the skin look paper, wrinkly and thin.

Advice: Fillers such as Radiesse and a person’s own fat may be injected in the back of hands to replace volume and provide a more rejuvenated appearance.

~ Dr. Brian P. Maloney, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, The Maloney Center for Facial Plastic Surgery

Brown spots. Sun exposure over time can exacerbate brown spots, sometimes called liver spots, on the skin.

Advice: This is the best season to treat those unsightly brown spots with Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments, as great results are seen with just one session if you apply a cream with ChromaBright nightly and sun protection daily.

~Lyn Ross , president of Institut’ DERMed, master esthetician and aesthetic instructor

Expert Tips to Keep Hand YouthfulDry skin. Exposure to harsh soaps and, surprisingly, air and water pollution can dry out your skin.

Advice: Carry a good hand cream and apply to your hands each time you wash or use hand sanitizer to help keep skin from drying out. Also, keep a sunscreen in your car that blocks UVA and UVB rays and apply it to your hands each time you get into your car.

~Dr. Gabrielle Sabini, board-certified dermatologist, North Atlanta Dermatology

Prominent veins. Losing volume in your skin means your veins appear more prominent.

Advice: Hand sclerotherapy is a safe and effective treatment for these veins. This involves a series of injections of a solution into the veins that causes the vein walls to collapse. The veins are then absorbed naturally by the body over a period of weeks.

~Dr. Lisa Perez, board-certified vein specialist, Circulatory Centers

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