Exploring Your Options for Youthful Eyes

Combat these common symptoms of aging eyes with these tips.

Best Beauty Eyes

Under-eye bags. Puffiness under your eyes can be caused by a lack of sleep or an excess of sodium and alcohol. Turn in a little earlier and make sure to drink plenty of water to soothe this symptom. You can also apply an eye cream like Intensive Eye Repair from Sally B’s Skin Yummies. It contains vitamins and coffeine to reduce puffiness. $40. www.sallybskinyummies.com.

Crow’s Feet. Fine wrinkles appear in the delicate skin around your eyes as you age. To reduce their appearance, try an Anti-Aging Pulse Light Therapy treatment at Gallery Spa of Historic Roswell. This light-based facial treatment aims to boost natural collagen production without surgery. $100, www.gallerysparoswell.com.

Sparse Eyelashes. To regain fullness in your natural lashes, ask your dermatologist for a prescription eyelash treatment like Latisse. For a quicker fix, book an appointment at Luxury Lash Lounge or Atlanta Lash Addict for lash extensions. www.luxurylashlounge.com, www.atlantalashaddict.com.

Thinner eyebrows. Aging causes hair to thin, and your brows are no exception. In addition to age-related thinning, you may have been heavy handed with the tweezers over the years. Authentic Beauty’s Image Journey can help you determine the proper shape, shade and style for a youthful look. www.myimagejourney.com.

Dry eyes. A diet rich in omega-3s can help keep the moisture levels in your eyes high, so try to include more salmon, chia seeds, and even greens like spinach and basil on your plate. Or try adding a daily fish oil supplement like New Chapter’s Wholemega capsules, available at your local Whole Foods Market. $19, www.wholefoodsmarket.com.


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