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Dr. Byron Long is a board certified Ophthalmologist who specializes in Oculoplastics. He performs plastic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids and surrounding areas. He is an expert injector of Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport, as well as a wide variety of fillers for facial wrinkles. Dr. Long was one of only twelve recipients of Oculoplastic fellowships offered in the United States each year. He completed a two year fellowship at the world-renowned Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, and joined Marietta Eye Clinic in 2001.

As one ages, the eyelids and the muscles supporting them weaken, causing the upper eyelids to droop. At Marietta Eye Clinic Dr. Long can help solve these types of problems in our Oculoplastic Center.

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Eyelid surgery, such as upper lid blepharoplasty, can help rejuvenate the eyelids making patients look more alert, less tired and refreshed. Severely sagging skin around your eyes can inhibit your peripheral vision. A blepharoplasty can reduce or eliminate these problems and make your eyes appear younger and better rested. Special testing can be performed to determine if a patient qualifies for insurance coverage. If insurance coverage is not an option, Dr. Long also offers this procedure cosmetically. A cosmetic lower lid blepharoplasty can be performed by Dr. Long to lessen the excess fat which protrudes, causing bags under the eyes. If a patient presents with both conditions, the two procedures can be done at the same time for optimal results.

The surgeries that Dr. Long performs are done on an outpatient basis at the Marietta Eye Surgery Center attached to his office. Please feel free to call TODAY to schedule an Oculoplastic consultation with Dr. Long.

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