Five tips for Trendy Eats in Atlanta

By Dalia Kinsey

the Farmhouse at Serenbe

Atlanta is an exceptional food city for a variety of reasons. A bustling international airport that channels fresh ingredients from all over the world into the city on a daily basis, ethnic diversity, along with an abundance of organic produce from gardens in and around the city are just a few of factors contributing to Atlanta’s epic food city status.

The National Restaurant Association consulted with over 1,000 professional chefs to predict the top restaurant trends of 2014. Here are the top five trends, along with Atlanta options for sampling them.

1. Locally sourced meats and seafood The meat they used at Farm Burger and Greenwood’s Restaurant come from local farms who raise grass-fed cows.,

2. Locally grown produce Connect with the farmer and the land at Miller Union, where their menu is based around the farmer’s weekly harvest.

3. Gluten-free and allergen sensitive cuisine As awareness about the gravity of food sensitivities spreads, restaurants like Gluten Free Cutie will as well.

4. Hyper-local sourcing (e.g. restaurant gardens) While several restaurants feature local ingredients, restaurants like The Farmhouse at Serenbe and Horseradish Grill takes the trend one step further by growing ingredients on site.,

5. Educational culinary experiences If you would like to experience some of Atlanta’s rich food culture, a plethora of culinary experts in Atlanta can help you do just that. Chinese Southern Belle (pictures above) is a perfect example of a business offering educational food experiences like food demos and local market tours.

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