Flywheel Puts a New Spin on Stationary Bikes

It’s dark and the music is pumping through my ears, the lady down front with the microphone headset is urging the crowd to “push it harder.” I’m sweating and pumping my legs to the beat of the music. It’s not the hottest club in Atlanta, I’m at my first Flywheel class, and I’m loving it.

“I know you can do this! You guys are awesome!” yells Kate, our buff Flywheel instructor from the center of the room.  About 30 of us are perched on our individual Flywheel bikes in a semi-circle around her. She is pumping the pedals of her own Flywheel bike furiously and has such a positive attitude, that even though my legs are beginning to ache, I find myself pushing even harder to try and match her enthusiasm, (I’ve heard, depending on the length of the class, I stand to burn upwards of 800 calories). Another motivator is the screen that is mounted on the ceiling behind her showing our ranking – who is keeping up or exceeding the pace Kate sets for us.

If you’ve ever been to a spin class, you may be familiar with a group stationary bike class, however, being a novice, I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I entered the Buckhead studio. I’m asked to sign in, choose a bike number, and handed white Velcro sneakers.

As I enter the room, the first thing I notice is the dim lighting and stadium-style seating, I find my bike (way in the back!) and, with a little help, have my sneakers snapped into the pedals of my bike. The lights dim, the music gets cranked up and we’re off!

In addition to cardio and core strengthening, we also work in some weight lifting using weighted bars that are attached to the side of the bikes. By the end of the 45 minute class, I’m sure I’ve burned up more calories here than I would have on any dance floor!

Flywheel Co-Founder Ruth Zukerman’s answers some of our questions:

What sets the Flywheel workout apart from others?
Ruth Zukerman:
The Flywheel ride is an intense, effective, and, most importantly, fun full-body workout.  Each studio has been built so that it’s stadium seating and everyone is in view of the instructor. Our motivating instructors and proprietary on-bike technology allow you to challenge yourself to the max.

What can a newcomer expect from a Flywheel workout?
An inclusive environment offering a fun, effective full body workout with amazing music and top level instructors that guide you every step of the way. How can someone prepare for the class if they’ve never worked out before?

How can someone prepare for the class if they’ve never worked out before?
We often suggest people have basic cardio experience (running, elliptical machine, etc) before trying a Flywheel ride. Although the workout is designed for everyone it eases the transition if you have these basic skills under your belt. Is this class good for all levels of fitness?

Is this class good for all levels of fitness?
RZ: Absolutely – the workout is designed for all levels of participants. Since we have opened our doors two years ago we have ridden with people of all ages, fitness levels and goals. At Flywheel with our performance tracking technology the rider can pace themselves and tailor the ride to their ability level. It is a personalized workout with all of the benefits of a group environment.

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