Fun and Fitness at Gran Fondo

Italian culture has made its way across the pond in food and fashion, and now it’s here in fitness too. The City of Roswell, the Southern Bicycle League and Bike Roswell! have partnered to bring Gran Fondo Italia to Georgia on October 19. This international cycling event is the first of its kind in the South, blend recreational cycling with the flair of Italian culture.gran fondo

 The Gran Fondo Italia ride in Roswell is modeled after the popular Italian style of long-distance group rides that offer amateur riders a chance to enjoy a recreational ride with some competition thrown in. This particular event offers ride lengths of 34 miles, 63 miles and 106 miles, as well as a Gran Premio della Montagna challenge. This timed climb section lets riders compete against each other or themselves for their personal best times. No matter your skill level as a rider, everyone begins this ride together at a combined start with a police escort, contributing to the sense of fun and camaraderie that makes the event famous.

And your Italian cultural immersion doesn’t end with the ride. After the cycling is done, the Gran Fondo Italia Expo will be held at Roswell City Hall. The expo features the best products Italy has to offer, with merchandise ranging from cycling nutrition, wine, travel packages and clothing.

The City of Roswell, the Southern Bicycle League and Bike Roswell! hope to get Atlantans riding bikes more often for fun, fitness and friendship. The Grand Fondo Italia Atlanta-Roswell ride is the perfect way to get everyone up and riding, with some Italian style to boot!

Details: 38 Hill St., Roswell, GA, 

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