Gluten Free Grub around Town

These days living gluten-free doesn’t have to mean a life without bread, pasta or wine. These Atlanta restaurants will make your keep your taste buds and your stomach happy.

Want to know more about gluten and if you should be living free? Read our Q&A with board certified gastroenterologist Anna Longacre MD, of Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates here.

Brezza Cucina Gluten Free - Andrew Thomas Lee - BSA 0316

Brezza Cucina

Gluten-free foodies can indulge in Italian dishes such as owner, Jonathan Waxman’s famous JW Chicken, or their ever popular Roasted Chicken Salad, with arugula, avocado, soft egg, prosciutto and of course – parmesan. There’s no skimping on dessert at Brezza either, diners can curb their sweet tooth with a sweet “dolci” like gelato than comes in a variety of flavors such as vanilla bean, stracciatella, espressio and maple apple pie.




Gluten Free Bread

Blue Moon Pizza

Pizza cravings cramped by the content of regular crust? Blue Moon Pizza tosses your troubles with their gluten-free menu, bringing pizza, cheesy bread and bruschetta back to your plate.



Alma Cocina

Enjoy a fiesta of Mexican delicacies that won’t fire up your stomach at Alma Cocina. Choose appetizers like butternut squash guacamole and pork pibil tamales, then indulge in main dishes such as masa-fried shrimp tacos with pear and plum salsa, chile morita mayo, shrimp chorizo and avocado mousse.



True Food Kitchen

The mission of True Food Kitchen is to create an entire menu of healthy cuisine, and gluten-free options get the gourmet treatment here. Start with the roasted vegetable board or a chopped salad and try decadent entrees like Moroccan chicken or turkey lasagna—yes, gluten-free lasagna!




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