Hair-Raising Help for Hair Loss

Ken Anderson, MD, from Anderson Hair Sciences Center, fills us in on how to deal with hair loss and about the advancements made in that field. 

Ken Anderson

The past decade has seen advancements in all aspects of the treatment of hair loss.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Developed in 2003 by Dr. Bernstein, Dr. Rassman and myself, this technique allows a hair restoration surgeon to obtain the hair from the donor area for transplantation without creating a linear scar. With this technique, one may undergo a hair restoration procedure without leaving behind the telltale linear scar on the back and sides of the scalp.

The ARTAS Robotic FUE System This is by far the largest technology breakthrough because it is less subject to human error. It uses two stereoscopic cameras to assess its position 5,000 times per second and robotically dissects out one single follicle at a time from the donor area.

Neograft System This system is essentially a rotating drill with a hollowed-out drill bit, allowing the operator to perform FUE by hand.

Revivogen This new shampoo/scalp therapy has been shown to stop hair loss and re-grow fuller, thicker hair in many patients. Availble at Anderson HAir SCiences Center. $24

Hair Cloning This treatment is in its infancy, and while tiny breakthroughs are being reported, we are at least a decade away from its availability as a viable treatment option for hair loss.

To explore what’s best for you, it is important to consult with a hair restoration surgeon in person.





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