Hallie Crawford, of Hallie Crawford, Co., Shares Her Best Advice

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Hallie Crawford, of Hallie Crawford, Co., shares her best advice about taking time off.

How does taking time off from work contribute to women’s overall well-being?

It’s essential to recharge both mind and body by taking a break from work. The real rest happens when you’re not taking phone calls, checking email or even thinking about work.

What day-to-day challenges arise from burnout?

Lack of motivation, drop in creativity, constant stress and anxiety can result from not enough time off. We have had clients experience physical illness from too much stress at work.

What is your advice for women who want to take more time off?

Talk with your boss about the specific benefits that will result from time off work and what you would like to see happen. It doesn’t have to be extra vacation time, but perhaps flex time on Mondays, for example, that would enable you to take a course outside of work. Consider a compromise, like working a few extra hours each week to be able to take a week off every couple of months.

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