Halt Human Trafficking: Today’s Modern Day Slavery

Slavery should no longer be a term associated with today’s society, but for an estimated 10-30 million people, it’s more than a word — it is their reality. Atlanta continually tops the ranking as one of the largest, most active hubs for human trafficking in the country. Conventions, events, population density and our busy airport create fertile ground to root this pervasive problem. Every night, hundreds of children, mostly girls, are sexually exploited in Georgia and each month, thousands more are at risk for human trafficking.

In honor of National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, we are highlighting just a few of the many Atlanta charities working to end this cycle of modern bondage.

Halt Human Trafficking

BeLoved Atlanta

Created by Amelia Quinn after she found freedom from her own abuse. BeLoved Atlanta welcomes victims of human trafficking to find solace.  This nonprofit offers a free, two-year residential housing program to provide a safe place for women to break free from prostitution and addiction. Their programming also includes education, employment assistance and continued support through a variety of resources.

The Junior League of Atlanta

The Junior League of Atlanta increases knowledge about the city’s human trafficking problem through community advocacy and by championing preventative legislation. JLA raises the awareness necessary to decrease both the supply and the demand for trafficked children.

Wellspring Living

Wellspring Living strives to guide trafficking victims forward, leaving the world of sexual abuse and exploitation behind them. With resources available to women ages 12 through 30, Wellspring provides education experience, valuable life skills and therapy for survivors, as well as support for those at risk for victimization. Their assessment center assists those seeking immediate relief, and their training institute prepares community organization to join the fight.

Race Across America: Team Sorella

In partnership with Wellspring Living riders Korey Gotoo, Lauren Schrichten, Betty Jean Jordan, and Jennifer Klein created their own Race Across America team, Team Sorella. They ride on a mission to bring lasting change to the lives of women and girls of all backgrounds.


Resources: cnn.com, belovedatlanta.org, jlatlanta.org, wellspringliving.org, sorellaraam.net

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