Have a Successful Quit Smoking Day!

quit smokingHere are some helpful advice to curb the craving to light up:

Plan activities. Schedule activities that you enjoy (but don’t associate with smoking) to stay occupied.
Lean on others for support. Ask friends and family to help motivate you, or call the National Cancer Institute helpline (877-448-7848) for encouragement.
Get physical. Take a walk or jog.
Fiddle. If you enjoyed the feeling of a cigarette in your hand, find a small object, such as a paperclip or stress ball, that you can play with instead.
Keep your mouth busy. Try chewing sugar-free gum or noshing on fruits and veggies whenever you get a craving.
Cut back on alcohol. Alcohol can often act as a trigger for smoking.
Distract yourself. Keep yourself busy with an interesting book or a puzzle to solve.
—Courtesy of Piedmont Hospital

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