Have you “Jeju-ed” lately? A call to a unique spa experience — refresh, relax, unwind

I looked at the phone as it rang, it was my friend Carletta, and I knew it was going to be one of those days … you know those days when the promise of something sweet and refreshing woo you away from your planned day of chores and “to-do” things. She mentioned spa, pampering, relaxation, wellness, unwinding, and I said, “oooohhh yea”. Only it was not for us, it was for her daughter’s 18th birthday. I told her about Jeju Sauna and Well Being. I had never been there, but a friend had gotten so excited about it after she had seen their ad in our Best Self Magazine and she wanted to plan a group outing for our women’s Sunday School class.

Carletta wanted to do research, she’s one of those have-to-know-every-detail kinda people. She read every review, followed every lead and made her own discovery about Jeju Home of Well Being that got us even more excited. We got there feeling mellow — body, mind and spirit ready for this promise of total relaxation and wellness.

We paid $25 each and stepped into this amazing experience, donned our uniforms, (pink shorts and tee shirts). The birthday girl, Britney, choose the body scrub and green tea massage. Carletta and I went about enjoying what our $25 afforded us. We moved lazily from sauna to sauna (7 total) each promising exactly what we felt our bodies needed — relief from stress and tension; healing; calm; rejuvenation; removal of toxin; beautiful, healthy skin; etc, etc.

We got in our swim suits and thought about taking a swim, but instead, just sat at the pool, feet in the water enjoying the atmosphere. I’ve never had so much fun just lazing around, doing nothing. We did not talk about work, family or “outside” things, we just enjoyed the state of being.

After a meal at their in-house restaurant ($5.35),  we headed to the women’s area, (if you are shy, take your own bath towel, this is a nude area, and the hand towels supplied provide coverage based on your size) our time of refreshing and wellness was far from over. I loved the wet sauna and whirlpool, but did not get a chance to try the heated pool. After about 4 hours we headed home, the birthday girl was glowing, we left feeling beautiful, relaxed and … purged!

Have you “Jeju-ed” lately? That is, have you taken time to see about your total well being — body, mind and spirit? This is Dona Halliday challenging you to give the gift of well being to yourself and to the ones you love, make time for wellness – refresh, relax, unwind.

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2 Responses to Have you “Jeju-ed” lately? A call to a unique spa experience — refresh, relax, unwind

  1. I love JeJu. Do you guys offer any discounts on annual memberships?

    • Dona Halliday says:

      Yes, Jeju is quite an amazing experience. I don’t know about discounts though, you may need to check on their site for that info.

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