Healthy, Beautiful Skin—Lash Extensions with Luxury Lash Beauty

By: Dawn DeSantis

Paige Conner Owner of Luxury Lash Beauty.

Paige Conner Owner of Luxury Lash Beauty.

Name of treatment center: Luxury Lash Beauty by Paige Conner

Name of treatment: Hybrid Lash Extensions

Name of aesthetician performing treatment: Paige Conner

Treatment length: 1.5-2 hours

How should you prep for the treatment?
Wash your face before your appointment and arrive with no makeup on your eyes.

What was the treatment like? How did your skin feel before, during, and after?
I had a little trouble blinking at the beginning because I’m sensitive around my eyes. Paige adjusted the tape holding down my bottom lashes so that it was comfortable. The whole procedure is very relaxing. While it takes place, you lie down in a comfortable chair with a warm blanket and music playing in the background. I just kept my eyes closed and even almost dozed off a couple of times while it was happening.

Are there any precautions that need to be taken before or after the treatment? (sunscreen, specific facewash, discontinue use of retinol, etc.)
I couldn’t get my lashes wet or work out for 12-24 hours after the procedure to let the glue dry properly. Paige also gave me little lash brushes to brush through the lashes.

Who is this treatment ideal for?
Anyone who wants to look amazing. The extensions make me feel very glamorous and gave my lashes a big wow factor. I feel like a movie star.

Click here to watch our Facebook Live with Luxury Lash Beauty.

Click here to watch our Facebook Live with Luxury Lash Beauty.

What was your favorite part of the treatment?
Paige saw that I have blue eyes and she put little hints of blue lashes here and there. Very subtle but everyone is commenting about how blue and vivid my eyes look. They really pop.

How often should someone go back for optimal results?
Every 3 weeks to fill lashes that you naturally lose.

For more information watch our Facebook Live at Luxury Lash Beauty by clicking above!

Details: 6160 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd., Ste. B100, Atlanta, GA 30328;

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