Hidden Salt in Your Food

The recommended daily intake is around six grams of salt per day, but many of us consume up to three times that amount through the foods we eat.
A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 10 foods account for 44% of all sodium we eat.
1. Bread and rolls, 7.4%
2. Cold cuts/cured meats, 5.1%
3. Pizza, 4.9%
4. Fresh and processed poultry, 4.5%
5. Soups, 4.3%
6. Sandwiches like cheeseburgers, 4%
7. Cheese, 3.8%
8. Pasta dishes like spaghetti with meat sauce, 3.3%
9. Meat dishes like meatloaf with tomato sauce, 3.2%
10. Snacks including chips, pretzels, popcorn and puffs, 3.1%

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