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This past weekend, Best Self got to be a fly on the wall at Life University‘s LifeVision Seminar for chiropractors. Life University describes this quarterly event as “not a head seminar.” Instead, “it’s a heart seminar” where chiropractors can come to be recharged, inspired, and motivated about their path through chiropractic and their goals for their practice.


Speaker Jim Dubel, who talked about seeing a high volume of clients during his trip to Haiti.

And the seminar certainly was that–inspiring! Each of the speakers was clearly dedicated to their work. This event was the perfect place to show that enthusiasm, too, because Life University is the largest chiropractic school in the world, so the audience was comprised of like-minded chiropractors who shared the enthusiasm coming from the speakers.

The seminar was also true to its online description–the “dressed down, powered up” atmosphere was evident. Casual clothes accompanied friendly interactions between the presenters and a flexible speaking schedule. Despite those casual, accessible elements, the message of the speakers was anything but casual. Each was insistent upon their love for their work and each succeeded in reminding the audience of that same love. Though BSA did not see each speaker over the two-day seminar, it’s clear the momentum started on Friday night was only going to continue building through the weekend.

Speaker Andy Forelli encouraging the audience to remember their passion.

If you want to learn more about Life University’s chiropractic program, visit their website here. The spirit evident from this weekend’s LifeVision Seminar is sure to pervade Life University’s campus through the chiropractic program and beyond, to their programs in sport health science, exercise science, and nutrition. Life University even offers the LIFE University for Seniors if you’re over 55 and looking to go back to school. Thanks to all these options, if you’re looking for your passion, Life University could be the perfect place to find it!

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