January’s Best Books

This month, enjoy reading these books from local publishers and authors.

“The Jig is Up”

The Jig is Up_Cover


Former FOX sports producer James Carr starts with his book “The Jig Is Up” with a simple question: Who grows your food? Over the span of 14 months, Carr examined the local food movement in Georgia. While writing this book, Carr says he discovered, “Georgia’s local food movement is absolutely incredible, way beyond what I thought when I began.” Pick up the book at thejigisup89.com, on Amazon and at local farmers’ markets and join Carr’s local food journey.

“The Power of Peace in a Pause”

The Power of Peace in a Pause_cover

As a business woman, wife and mother, Tierra Destiny Reid knows what it’s like to be on the go. In her new book, “The Power of a Peace in a Pause,” this self-published Atlanta author shares how she – and you – can successfully manage a busy life. Geared toward ambitious achievers and trailblazers, Reid’s book can help fuel your success through stillness and self-awareness and a peaceful pause. Order a copy on tierradestinyreid.com.

“Nothing But Your Memories”

Nothing But Your Memories_cover

Hannah Black can now add “teen author” to her resume. Writing under the pen name H.B. Clementine, she won a young author contest held by Atlanta publishing company BookLogix. As part of her contest winnings, BookLogix has published her award-winning novel, “Nothing But Your Memories.” Her story follows Mira Cobbleson through an adventure to escape a futuristic society full of secrets and powerful enemies. Order a copy directly from BookLogix at shop.booklogix.com.


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