Joanne Feldman from Fox 5 gives her Best Advice

Meteorologist Joanne Feldman from FOX 5 is here to give you her best advice about how to boost your mood.

Joanne Feldman FOX 5 Best AdviceWhat can trigger a bad mood? 

Our unusually soggy weather this summer and overcast skies can get a lot of people down. I’m a little unusually in that, as a meteorologist, I’m typically energized by forecasting and covering such weather. But even I find myself feeling lethargic and moody if the sun hasn’t been shining for a few days.

What is an easy way to elevate your mood?

Exercise! Running helps me clear my head. When I can’t do that, I never underestimate the power of good music to lift my mood.

What saying puts you in a better mood?

“Good things come to those who wait, but the best things come to those willing to work for them.”

Where do you go to improve your mood?

My favorite “rainy day” mood-booster is to head to a dance class at Dance 101.

When all else fails, where can you go for help?

Family and friends can be your best support group. For me, my husband is my sounding board and the one most likely to notice changes in my mood. However, if you suffer from true Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as the “winter blues”), you should seek the advice of a physician who may suggest light therapy or medication.

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