Just How Common Is Women’s Hair Loss?

The Griffin CenterThere are many myths about hair loss, but one of the most pervasive is that it affects only men.  This common misconception can be particularly dangerous, because it perpetuates the idea that women’s hair loss is something to be ashamed of or hidden, so it can prevent many women from seeking out the help that they need.  This is just one of the reasons why, after forty years in business, hair loss specialists Dr. Edmond Griffin and Dr. Ashley Curtis have formed The Griffin Center for Women’s Hair Loss, the first center of its kind in Georgia exclusively devoted to addressing the unique issues associated with women’s hair restoration.

Before and After - The Griffin CenterHair loss in women is actually far more common than most people think.  According to a recent survey of 800 women conducted by Wakefield Research, nearly 40% of the respondents who were over the age of 18 had already begun to notice early signs of hair loss or thinning.  Further, these numbers increased dramatically among older respondents, with more than 50% of those aged 58 and older and more than 60% of those aged 65 and older reporting that they had also experienced the same problems.  When compared to previous estimates, these results suggest that the number of women experiencing hair loss in the United States has increased from an estimated 30 million to over 46 million, more than a 50% increase in the last ten years.

Even though women’s hair loss can be just as common as hair loss in men, it usually presents differently, and can be produced by an even wider variety of causes, including common genetic pattern baldness, hormonal changes, physical stress from surgery, illness, anemia, or rapid weight loss, or even the side effects of certain common medications or damaging hair care practices.  Diagnosing and addressing the various forms of hair loss that can occur in women will often require specialized tests and advanced hair restoration treatments.  At The Griffin Center for Women’s Hair Loss, we are able to devote the necessary time and attention to fully diagnose the specific causes of each patient’s hair loss and to formulate a customized treatment plan that satisfies their individual hair restoration needs.

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