Learn French – Pourquoi Pas?

After you spend the Fourth of July celebrating America, consider expanding your horizons to another country with a red, white and blue flag: France! After English, French is the most commonly taught second language in the world, and it is spoken as an official language in many countries across the globe. French language skills are great ones to have in your back pocket, and Alliance Franςaise d’Atlanta is the perfect starting place. 

Alliance Francaise Atlanta

On July 7, the summer session of Alliance Franςaise d’Atlanta began, and you can join in! Most of their language classes cater to professional adults, so you’ll be with like-minded learners in small classes of five to 14 students. A 10-week beginner session costs between $390 and $435, depending on the class frequency you choose. If you aren’t ready for a 10-week commitment, test the waters at a $35 one-time workshop to explore interesting subjects like French humor and French media. 

As you get the hang of basic conversation skills, you can participate in the group’s extracurricular activities. Join your fellow francophiles to watch French films, enjoy dinner at local French restaurants, attend music performances and cheer on the soccer teams of French-speaking countries in this summer’s World Cup. In October of this year, the Alliance Franςaise d’Atlanta is even taking a group trip to Martinique, an island in the French Caribbean. 

Alliance Francaise AtlantaIn addition to their summer session beginning this month, the Alliance will also host a Bastille Day celebration for the July 14 holiday commemorating the beginning of the French Revolution.  On the evening of Saturday, July 19, overlook Atlanta’s skyline and enjoy a buffet, DJ and dancing avec vos nouveaux amis. (That’s “with your new friends,” for those of you who haven’t yet started classes.) After a few classes and events, you’ll be fluent in no time. Allons-y! 

Details: 1197 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA, (404) 875-1211, www.afatl.com 


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