Leaving The Past Behind: The Fatherless Daughter Project

The Fatherless Daught Project Launch - Randolph McDow - BSA 0616

For many, Father’s Day is a way to celebrate the love, support and impact fathers and father figures have on the lives of their children. However, for countless women, it can be a solemn reminder of a “missing piece” — of the scraped knees, heartbreaks, dances and walks down the aisle that were endured without the presence of a dad.

In their book The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses & Reclaiming Our Lives, Denna D. Babul, RN and Karin Luise, PHD (pictured right) open up about facing that paternal void and how they, and other women, redirected their energy to overcome those many years of pain. The Fatherless Daughter Project seeks to empower a new generation of girls and women by teaching them that the absence of a father figure does not have to define them.

Denna and Karin knew that this father-daughter disconnection was rampant—whether through divorce or death, incarceration, emotional withdrawal, addiction or other reasons. In writing and researching their book, they became inspired to create a tangible way to help women heal from this absence. In September of 2015, they launched The Fatherless Daughter Project (TFDP) nonprofit here in Atlanta. Through mentorship programs, scholarships and support resources TFDP hopes to help women manage the issues surrounding their loss and move forward into a life filled with confidence.

Details: fatherlessdaughterproject.com

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