Let's Eat Clean!

Someone once said that anyone can do anything for thirty days—I am going to see if that is true. I have decided to eat 100 percent clean for the month of March and document my progress in a new Best Self blog series, 30 Days of Clean Eating. Clean EatingThroughout the month, I will be sharing my recipes, my meal plans, my shopping lists, my tips and my progress with you. Also, I welcome any recipes or advice that any Best Self readers may have for me!

Although I try to eat as healthy as I can in my day-to-day life, I, like a lot of people in Atlanta, love my Chik-Fil-A, and I often find it a lot easier to order a pizza after a long day then to whip something up in the kitchen. Another one of my nutrition issues is my particularly large sweet tooth. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been a sugar fiend.

clean eating

Me as a child, obviously guarding that cake.

My Halloween and Easter candy was always gone days before my brother and sister’s was, and I have always like to end the day on a sweet note with a sugary treat before bed. But with a family history that includes diabetes, clogged arteries and obesity, I have realized that my eating habits need to change as soon as possible…call it maturity.  And I feel that eating clean, whole foods is going to be the best way to kick start my healthy new lifestyle.

Having recently graduated from college and become an actual working woman, finding the time to plan meals, shop for healthy ingredients and cook every night has been a bit of a challenge. But that is all going to change on Saturday. No more last-minute dinner decisions that end in Chinese takeout or picking up some fast food. No more brownies or cookies before bed (I am in the process of looking for clean dessert recipes, so if you have any you love, send them my way!). No more Coke and no more Cheez-Its (another one of my snack food weaknesses).


Me on the left, all grown up. Still loving cake.

I will be cooking everything I eat or eating raw, whole foods. I will be cutting out white foods (like sugar, butter, and white flour) alcohol, cheese, anything processed, cutting down how much meat I eat and eating five to six small meals throughout the day.  I will be eating as many fruits and vegetables as I can and eating healthy grains, like brown rice and quinoa.  It should be interesting to see what happens, and I have heard a few warnings about how hard it will be, but I am up for the challenge and can’t wait to see how my health and life benefit from this.

Come back Saturday to see my plan in detail and to see my meal plan for the first week of my clean eating. And, again, any advice, recipes or tips are very welcome at [email protected]! Now I am going to go clean all the junk food out of my kitchen. See you Saturday!

- Lizzy Stroud

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