Life Coach and Author Karlicia Lewis Gives Her Best Advice

Life Coach and Author Karlicia Lewis is here to give her best advice about toxic relationships.

Karlicia Lewis

How would you define a toxic relationship?

An unhealthy situation that exists between two or more people. It has potential to cause mental, physical, emotional, financial and even sexual harm.

What are the pitfalls of allowing a toxic relationship to continue?

It can cause a decrease in self-esteem, turmoil in other relationships, depression and health problems.

Why do people allow toxic relationships in their lives?

Some people allow toxic relationships for the comfort of having someone around as a quick fix for loneliness. Some have associated toxic behavior with relationships since they were younger, due to being exposed to this behavior from their parents.

What is your advice for removing a toxic relationship from your life?

Make up your mind that you really want out. Then create a plan, including a support system to remove yourself in the safest way possible. Once removed, take the appropriate time to evaluate your past and understand your pattern of choosing the partners you choose so you won’t make the same mistakes in the future.


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    Awesome article keep up the great work. So proud of you.

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