Lisa Lyngos from Single Atlanta Gives Her Best Advice

Single Atlanta‘s Lisa Lyngos is here to give you her best advice about how to throw a party that will get your friends mingling. 

Lisa LyngosQ: How does the social mix at a party contribute to a great get-together? 

A: The social mix is very important with small parties. If the guest list is primarily married couples, include a few single people. Save guests with big personalities for larger events where they do not distract and are able to blend in. 

Q: What are some fun summer party themes?

A: Summer is all about fun, and the weather says “Let’s party!” Have a Picnic in the Yard party where you place quilts in the lawn and serve fried chicken and lemonade, or a Movie Night party where you project a movie on the house on a large sheet or the garage door. Have neighbors bring lawn chairs, and order pizza! 

Q: What are some tips to keep party guests mixing and mingling? 

A: To keep guests mingling, be sure to station food and drinks in different locations. This helps give the party a better flow. 

Q: Who should be on the guest list for any party? 

A: I like to include single people at my parties. Their lives are less routine than couples, especially those who have children. Single people bring energy, excitement and stories to the mix! 


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