Livi Rae Lingerie’s Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker Giver Their Best Advice

IMG_6418 high resMolly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker from Livi Rae Lingerie are  here to share their insight and best advice on how to make the years over the age of 40 some of your best.

What healthy message do you most want to share? 

Molly: Livi Rae Lingerie specializes in bra fit for bust health. We fit women from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, and we also help clients that have had mastectomies and lumpsectomies due to breast cancer.

How do your services help people in their 40s, 50s and beyond feel their best? 

Cynthia: When I hit 43, it started to sink in that my body was changing. Women come in that are in that situation too, and we let them know that they’re beautiful. Everybody goes through this, and we can relate.

Does self-esteem affect the bra-fitting process? 

Molly: It does. We’ve seen young girls that are concerned with underdeveloped breasts or they’re fuller than most girls in their class. We pride ourselves in building self-esteem. We call it “giving the gift of life” because we lift your spirits and your breasts.

What do you love most about the work you do? 

Cynthia: We really are a no-judgment zone. We help everybody whether you’re a transgender man, a woman who’s pregnant or a child that’s developed due to hormones or obesity. We don’t turn you away.

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