Lose Weight By Cutting Calories the Healthy Way


Rachel Stroud, a Registered Dietitian and Community Wellness Representative for Good Measure Meals, shares her food substitution ideas for healthy weight loss.

Rachel Stroud from Good Measure MealsLosing weight can be a daunting task.  So here is my favorite weight loss secret: slow and steady wins this race. Small changes over a longer period of time are much more likely to result in sustained weight loss and healthier behaviors than cutting massive amounts of calories all at once or using any method that promises quick and easy results.  Which means not just switching your favorite foods to their respective “diet” versions – I’m talking about small changes every day with real food.

Below is my list of 100 calorie changes based on my philosophy that a healthy diet can and should be delicious.  If you eat just 100 calories less than what your body needs per day for the next year, you’ll lose over 10lbs!  (The math: 3,500 calories cut = 1lb. lost.) 


  • Instead of a 12 oz. glass of orange juice, reach for a medium-sized orange.  104 calories cut.

  • Trade a 3-egg omelet in the morning for one whole egg and two egg whites.  114 calories cut.  Bonus points for subbing your meat/cheese for an array of colorful veggies. 
  • Rather than 1 cup of ice cream after dinner, fill a bowl with ½ cup of ice cream and one cup sliced strawberries.  More to munch on and 93 calories cut.

  • When you’re aching for a bubbly drink, skip the can of soda and reach for a glass of sparkling water with squeezed lemon or lime.  110 calories cut.

  • Plan your snacks.  Pack one cup of raw veggies with ¼ cup hummus, or an 8 oz. serving of yogurt and skip the vending machine bag of M&Ms. 106 calories cut.

For the rest of Rachel’s list, make sure to pick up your copy of Best Self Atlanta’s October issue at any one of these local places around the city! You can also check out her great advice on how to save time in the kitchen.


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