Mastin Kipp’s “Daily Love: Growing into Grace”

Mastin Kipp, who heads The Daily Love online community, is in the business of inspiration. He has lifted himself out of addiction and crisis to a life doing what he loves and digging deep into spirituality. Now, he has written his amazing story in the book “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace.”mastin kipp

The writing process, Kipp admits, was somewhat less than graceful. “I love having written, but the writing process itself is excruciating.” He laughs and adds, “It’s like working out.” Not only did writing take him back to some challenging times in his life, but it resulted in him gaining significant weight during the process, which he is still working to lose. Even then, his publisher told him the first draft wasn’t publishable. “It was basically a 70,000-word blog,” he jokes. But after two more drafts, Kipp and his publisher had a manuscript that told his story effectively. “It was humbling, and I think I really grew as a writer in the process,” Kipp says.

This week, “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace” was released, telling the full story of his early struggles and his turn toward a happier, more spiritually fulfilling life. Kipp hopes the book helps others along that path as well, moving out of crisis and into happiness. He says, “I’ve seen so many folks give up, or give in to fear, but my hope is that after reading the book, you are inspired to actually take action and do the things you love. That’s ultimately what’s going to make you happiest.”

To order the book and learn more about Kipp, visit To see him in person, mark your calendars for September 16, when Kipp’s Growing Into Grace tour will bring him to Atlanta’s own Piedmont Park.

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