Matt Arnett from Pike Nurseries, Buckhead Gives His Best Advice

Pike Nurseries’ Matt Arnett is here to give you his best advice about how to get your garden to grow.

Matt Arnett

Q: What the the benefits of gardening?

A: Gardening is great exercise, reduces stress, helps people connect with nature and can even bring families together as parents or grandparents teach children.

Q: How should a first-time gardener begin?

A: Tomatoes, peppers, melons and cucumbers are easy to grow and reward beginners with a bountiful harvest.

Q: How can seasoned gardeners revamp their garden this year? 

A: Seasoned gardeners know that part of the enjoyment of gardening is trying new plants. Several new varieties of Echinacea this year are easy to grow, attract butterflies, and make a beautiful cut flower in stunning colors.

Q: How can someone garden in a small space? 

A: Garden vertically. Grow vining vegetables, fruit and flowering plants that climb on arbors or trellises.

Q: What are some ideas to get kids involved in gardening? 

A: Have kids pick out their favorite plants at the nursery – they love choosing from the vast array of colors. Then have them help with the planting process by digging holes or watering flowers.

Q: What plants are easy to grow? 

A: Perennial flowers provide yearly bursts of color without the effort of planting each season. Some easy-to-grow favorites include Gallardia, Scabiosa and Rudbeckia.

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