Medical Weight Loss Made Easy

Dr. Anjenette Sorapuru, DNP

Dr. Anjenette Sorapuru, DNP

Dr. Anjenette Sorapuru, DNP, helps her patients find the ideal weight loss method for them and provides them with the tools to successfully maintain their new look.

Dr. Anjenette Sorapuru, DNP, and her team at Santé MD Wellness Center believe a weight loss program doesn’t do much without a new, healthy lifestyle change to sustain it. And though they’ve perfected their process for losing weight, their ultimate focus is making sure each client can keep that weight off after the program is complete.

It begins with a unique, personal experience for every patient from the very first assessment. Based on where a patient is currently and using six different evaluations and treatments, Dr. Sorapuru can monitor progress and make adjustments that allow patients to achieve their goals. She uses scientifically based medicines combined with alternative practices, taking a fundamental and comprehensive approach to ensure success.

This includes qualifying patients for prescription medicines, conducting lab tests to study body composition, overseeing food sensitivity tests to rule out potential interferences, and administering FIT3D scans to customize a program specifically to each patient’s body type. Dr. Sorapuru also uses vitamin IV therapy to replenish and support a healthy new lifestyle, and oxygen treatments to improve memory, increase productivity, alleviate stress, decrease muscle pain, and boost energy levels.

Patients learn about industry misconceptions (the ugly truth about fad diets, why diet medications are misunderstood, etc.), are continuously monitored, and receive medical counseling from Dr. Sorapuru and her team even after they’ve completed the program.

The Santé MD Wellness Center team.

The Santé MD Wellness Center team.

“What I love most is seeing the direct impact that I have on the lives of my patients and their families,” says Dr. Sorapuru. “One of my patients had a goal to lose weight prior to renewing her vows. She struggled with weight, even more so with her thyroid issues, and all attempts to lose weight had failed her, even with her extreme dedication. After working with her [through our customized programs], the weight came off and she looked amazing for her ceremony. With the lifestyle changes that she is now accustomed to, the weight has remained off, and she frequently tells me how much I’ve changed her life.” | | | 404-255-9000

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