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Coming Home

The word "homeless" may conjure images of people panhandling on the street, but in reality, the problem of homelessness can look very different. Those who are technically homeless may actually be living in a shelter or a transitional program. They may only be homeless for a short period of time. Surprisingly often, people experiencing homelessness are also employed but simply not earning enough to cover their basic expenses.
According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, there are approximately 600,000 people experiencing homelessness on any given night in the United States. In Atlanta alone, that number is more than 10,000, with more than 40 percent being women and children. But several Atlanta organizations and charities are coming up with creative solutions, helping these individuals and families get back on their feet, and challenging people's perceptions along the way.

How Homelessness Happens

SideBar1As with any difficult situation, people have a tendency to assume, "That could never happen to me." But take a closer look at the common causes of homelessness: domestic violence, illness, substance abuse, traumatic backgrounds and even jobs that simply don't pay a living wage. These make it clear that sometimes the circumstances just overwhelm an individual or family and make rent or mortgage payments impossible, whether temporarily or for longer periods.
Deborah Walker-Little, the executive director of Interfaith Outreach Home (IOH), says, "Domestic violence is the greatest cause of homelessness for women and children," often because violent situations require slipping out in the night without many belongings. Mandy Putnam, director of communications and corporate relations at Back on My Feet Atlanta, adds, "We see a lot of people with military backgrounds and PTSD, and a lot of substance abuse. Many have relationship issues or illnesses like cancer. We had one man who left his job to take care of his sick wife, but the medical expenses got to be too much."

QUOTE-1Many people who can't afford housing are, in fact, working. As of 2014, Georgia remains one of only four states with minimum wage rates under the federal rate of $7.25 an hour. Georgia's minimum wage is $5.15 an hour, and according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 9.2 percent of Georgians are living in poverty. "You'd be surprised by who is homeless," Walker-Little says. "It could be the woman sitting in the cubicle next to you at work. It's people who work at jobs that you would not think would be spending their nights in cars. It impacts a whole lot of folks – people who look normal in every other aspect."

Hard as it may be to believe, a recent report from the Committee for Better Banks stated that one-third of all bank tellers are on public assistance. An average teller at Wells Fargo makes less than $11 an hour, or about $22,600 a year. While that's above the federally mandated minimum wage, it's also low enough to qualify a family of four for food stamps.

A New Approach

BackOnMyFeet Allstate13A problem like homelessness, which has such varied causes and affects so many people, requires creative solutions. Atlanta groups are taking notice and tackling homelessness through unconventional tactics. Back on My Feet connects with and supports the homeless community through running. "Our mission is to use running to create self-sufficiency in the lives of those experiencing homelessness," Putnam explains. The organization partners with local shelters and refuges such as City of Refuge, Gateway Center, Salvation Army and Trinity House in order to connect with homeless Atlantans. Once they have found interested participants, Putnam says, the running begins. For each participant, running helps foster independence, accountability, health and pride in their success. "It's a first step to getting them housed, employed or in some educational training." Plus, it's an elegant metaphor for life: you have to keep moving forward, one step at a time, to meet your goals and cross the finish line.

The Task Force for the Homeless at Peachtree-Pine takes a different approach; they offer their residents new opportunities through an organic rooftop garden. In partnership with Truly Living Well, an urban farming center and training facility, the Task Force's resident volunteers grow a variety of crops in 90 raised beds. This garden gives their residents a chance to enjoy green space, to take ownership of choosing and preparing their food, and to reap the health benefits of fresh, SideBar2organic produce. In addition to those benefits, a specially funded program prepares these resident volunteers for entrepreneurial farming and marketing. After six months, that same program certifies them to train other urban farmers at Our Community at Peachtree-Pine, passing on their newfound knowledge and skills and empowering others just as they themselves were empowered.

Mercy Care has gotten creative with their approach as well. "Recently we created a flash mob of Mercy Care employees in Downtown Atlanta to bring attention to the need for Medicaid expansion," says Kenya Arnold, a case manager for Mercy Care. "Mercy Care also has mobile medical coaches that go into the hardest hit areas, providing free care and other valuable services. [We] also reach those in need through night street medicine outreach events and early morning outreach at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport with collaborative partners."

Snapshots of Success

Nothing proves the value of these organizations' work more than getting to know Atlantans who have benefited from their support. Meet these three who received the support they needed and are building the lives they want.

Mungo-Thomasine cred-Atlanta-Childrens-ShelterAs a single mother working part-time at an Atlanta hotel, Thomasine Mungo was not getting enough hours to generate the income needed to pay her rent. Eventually, eviction led to homelessness for Mungo and her three children in the winter of 2011. When a local homeless provider referred her to the Atlanta Children's Shelter (ACS), she received free early childcare for her two-year-old son and joined the ACS Hire Up program, which ultimately led to a position as a community health worker at an Atlanta health provider. By March 2013 she moved her family into permanent housing, and by October 2013, she became one of only 100 peer specialists certified in the state of Georgia. Today Mungo has plans to earn a degree in social work. "I have put into practice much of what has been suggested to me by the staff at ACS," she says. "The encouragement and advice has proven to be invaluable to me in my recovery. Knowing that someone truly is there for me has made a tangible difference in my life."

MercyCare JamesGearyJames Geary spent years jumping from one job to another until the economic decline hit Atlanta. "By the time I did find employment, I'd lost my room, possessions and happy-go-lucky attitude," he says. "It was a serious wake-up call." The second time he became homeless was due to drinking and bereavement. "I just couldn't pull myself together," he says. "It was during that time I was hit by a car." Following the accident, Geary was taken to Grady Hospital with a number of fractures and broken bones that would require surgery. While recuperating at Grady, a nurse from Mercy Care encouraged him to take advantage of their Recuperative Care Program at the Gateway Center, which exists for sick or injured patients who are medically well enough to be discharged from the hospital but who don't have a home in which to recover. After a few months in recuperative care, Geary was transferred to the Veteran's Transitional Housing Program (VTHP), where he is still recuperating and building up his physical endurance. "I'm not going to hold my breath waiting on a disability check," he says. "If I can work, then I will work."

Sidwell-Corliz-2 cred-Interfaith-Outreach-HouseAfter her divorce, Corliz Sidwell chose to avoid more fighting by giving her ex everything and starting over, which led her into homelessness. Thankfully a friend at her church told her about IOH. "The life skills program they offered taught me how to save and manage money," she says. "IOH is a place that fills you with hope. It inspired me to continue on and give back." After graduating the program, Sidwell graduated magna cum laude with degrees in both medical office administration and medical assisting from Gwinnett College. Today she lives in Sandy Springs and works as a clinical research assistant at Infectious Disease Specialists of Atlanta.

As these stories show, the most important fact to recognize is that people experiencing homelessness are just that – people. They deserve support and encouragement through difficult times, which you can help provide. And anyone who gets involved in support efforts quickly recognizes, Arnold says, "There is no great dividing line between themselves and those experiencing homelessness."


Editorial Resources

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Atlanta Mission – www.atlantamission.org
Back on My Feet Atlanta – www.atlanta.backonmyfeet.org
City of Refuge – www.cityofrefugeatl.org
HomeAid Atlanta – www.homeaid.org
Interfaith Outreach Home – www.iohome.org
Lost-N-Found Youth – www.lnfy.org
Mercy Care Atlanta – www.mercyatlanta.org
Metro Atlanta Task Force – www.atlantataskforceforhomeless.org
National Alliance to End Homelessness – www.endhomelessness.org
U.S. Census Bureau, Atlanta Region – www.census.gov/regions/atlanta


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Get a Lifted Look with Injectables

If you want to diminish signs of aging in your face but don't want to undergo surgery, an injectable, non-surgical option might be right for you. Dr. Sinha offers many different types of injections, such as Radiesse, Sculptra, Restylane, Perlane and more. But which is right for you?
For long-lasting results, try Radiesse. This injection uses a filler that stimulates collagen production, essentially turning back the body's natural clock to smooth wrinkles. Unlike direct collagen injections, which typically last about three months, Radiesse injections usually last for about a year (though results vary).

If you're looking to add volume back to your face, Sculptra may be for you. Sculptra is a dermal filler that facilitates collagen production by adding volume to facial areas that are gaunt or hollowed out due to old age, giving a fuller and fresher appearance.

Other options such as Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm are hyaluronic acid-based fillers that nourish and support your skin to make it appear younger. While the former two injections last about six to 10 months in the face, the latter lasts for about a year, making it a more long-term option.

And for a quick procedure, Botox and Dysport injections can soften wrinkles and smooth lines in fifteen-minute sessions. The results can last for three to four months, plus there is no required downtime. Dr. Sinha offers each of these injectable options to help you achieve a more youthful look without any surgery.


Facelift-Necklift-bannerQ & A with Dr. Sinha

With so many different non-surgical alternatives, how do I choose the one that's right for me?

We offer a complimentary comprehensive consultation to help you decide if Botox, Dysport or another injectable is right for you. We will also discuss tips to prepare for your treatment and what to expect during and after your injections.

What are some side effects of the various injections?

After the procedure, you might feel redness, swelling, itching or tenderness at the injection site. These will usually disappear within a few days. You may also experience small lumps that typically resolve themselves.


Dr. Sinha is a Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon specializing in cosmetic and functional surgery of the head and neck. He has successfully treated thousands of patients and is highly regarded and well respected by his peers in the medical community.


Sponsored by: Atlanta Institute For Facial Aesthetic Surgery | 980 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 110 | Atlanta, GA 30342  |  Phone: (404) 256-5428 | www.facialaestheticsurgery.com


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Are You Losing Weight, or Losing Fat?

When you start a diet and exercise program, you are trying to lose fat, right? But many people diet and only lose pounds. Pounds may mean losing muscle or water weight. How can you be assured that you are only losing fat? After working hard to lose weight, many people find that once they relax and stop following their exercise and diet program, they gain the weight back. This is usually because water weight is easily regained. Unfortunately, many times lost muscle is replaced with fat.

When starting a diet and exercise program, most people want to be slimmer. Losing pounds is not the same as losing inches. When you start an exercise program, body weight may actually increase because muscle is more dense than fat. When this happens, you may become discouraged and discontinue your program because the scale says you weigh more. Knowing that you are losing fat encourages you to stick with your program.

ummm-im-done-2Five pounds of fat compared to five pounds of muscle.

Body weight may decrease when bone, water, muscle, feces or fat volume is decreased in the body. Why waste your time with a diet plan that does not decrease fat? One of the Gold Standard methods to measure body fat is with DEXA scanning. Most are familiar with DEXA scanning to measure bone density. The same technology can also be used to measure the amount of fat and water in the body. An added bonus of the technology is an actual picture of the distribution of fat in the body and a measurement of bone density.

ummm-im-done-3Many overweight persons stay that way because the body has lost the ability to burn fat. How can you teach your body to burn fat? The first part of any weight loss program should be an initial assessment. The initial assessment should include a body fat percentage. The Gold standard for measuring body fat percentage is the DEXA scan. Most people that have heard of the DEXA scan associate it with measuring bone density, but this piece of equipment is also able to assess total body fat. A good method of assessing the progress and success of any weight loss program is a periodic assessment of the total body fat percentage to ensure that the weight loss program is targeting fat rather than muscle and water.

Diagnostic Radiology Ultrasound and Breast Center offers both the initial assessment and follow-up of total body fat evaluations. Call us to schedule your DEXA scan for your total body fat assessment. Call us at 404-252-3430 to schedule your appointment.


Carolyn G. Dudley, MD
Diagnostic Radiology Ultrasound & Breast Center

Carolyn G. Dudley has over 30 years' experience in imaging. She attended Bryn Mawr College, Howard University and completed her Diagnostic Radiology residency at Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan. She is board certified by the American Board of Radiology and is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Honor Medical Society.

Dr. Dudley was one of the pioneers in developing techniques to diagnose breast cancer utilizing MRI. Presently, she has a private practice in Atlanta, Georgia where she offers patients a wide range of outpatient diagnostic services in a convenient and patient-friendly environment. Her practice is the first non-hospital facility in Georgia to offer the latest advancement in mammography: 3D Mammography (breast tomosynthesis). In addition, Dr. Dudley provides 2D Digital Mammography, bone densitometry, total body fat evaluations, and ultrasound utilizing the most up to date technology available.


Sponsored by: Diagnostic Radiology Ultrasound & Breast Center | 755 Mt. Vernon Highway, Suite #310 | Atlanta, GA 30328  |  Phone: (404) 252-3430 | www.mammogramatlanta.com


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What to Look for in a Personal Trainer

If you've made the decision to get and stay healthy for 2015, there's a key element to include on your "get fit" list: a personal trainer. But remember, not just any personal trainer will do. When it comes to fitness, one size does not fit all! Your personal trainer must be properly certified, have client experience and be the right match for your lifestyle and fitness goals.
Yano Anaya, Program Director of Atlanta Personal Trainer Program of Atlanta School of Massage, recommends three essential questions to ask when searching for the right trainer.


For anyone beginning a fitness program, it's critical that you place yourself in the capable hands of a certified personal trainer. But not all certifying bodies uphold the highest standards of the professional fitness industry. Certification from NASM — the National Academy of Sports Medicine — will ensure your personal trainer is prepared to employ a whole-body fitness regimen and help keep you injury-free.


It's always wise to inquire about a prospective trainer's education. If an exercise science or kinesiology course was taken, that is a positive sign that this trainer has a base knowledge of human anatomy and will demonstrate a higher level of accountability and responsibility than someone without this background. And training in fitness nutrition should be considered a major plus!


Find out what kind of personal training experience your prospective trainer has. Some personal trainers right out of school have more experience, whether through an internship, externship or hands-on client interaction, than someone who solely has an online certification. And don't be shy about asking for references!

Max Bohling, a student at Atlanta Personal Trainer Program, with his fitness client, Kim Phan.

TraineeConsidering a career in fitness? The right training program makes all the difference.

There is a difference in fitness career training. Quick-and-easy certification programs are no match for Atlanta Personal Trainer Program's whole-body fitness curriculum. It's a fully supervised, hands-on learning experience that includes significant interaction with real clients.

After completing the Atlanta Personal Trainer Program, graduates can qualify for the most sought-after certification in the industry – NASM certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Additionally, you'll be certified as a fitness nutrition specialist.
Major advancements and recent developments in the fitness industry – including a push for government regulation of trainers – make this highest-quality certification essential for long-term career success. In a country with a 35 percent obesity rate, now is an excellent time to enter this fast-growing field that helps people lead healthier lives through personalized exercise programs and the right nutrition.

For more information about Atlanta Personal Trainer Program and a career in fitness, visit: www.AtlantaPersonalTrainerProgram.com


Sponsored by: Atlanta School of Massage | 2 Dunwoody Park South | Atlanta, GA 30338
Phone: (770) 615-7198 | www.AtlantaSchoolofMassage.com


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Don’t Let Your ADHD Define You

Do you feel like promotions that you are qualified for just pass you by? Does your partner complain that you don't listen? Are your schedule and calendar always in chaos? Do you feel easily distracted at work and at home? It could be your adult ADHD.

About 60 percent of children with ADHD in the United States become adults with ADHD; that's about four percent of the adult population or eight million adults. Yet less than 20 percent of adults with ADHD have been diagnosed or treated, and only about one-quarter of those adults seek help.

ADHD is biological, genetic and environmental. Adults with ADHD may exhibit the same symptoms they had as children, and although hyperactivity often diminishes by adulthood, other symptoms can affect their relationships, work performance and quality of life.

shutterstock 216223303Many adults with ADHD have decided to forgo treatment or believe medications will not help them. We have found that many of these same adults can improve their performance at work, build stronger relationships with loved ones, and in general boost the creativity that comes along with ADHD through treatment. Medical research is what brings about those treatments.

There are lots of reasons to participate in medical research, but even more benefits. When you are enrolled in a study, you receive a VIP-level diagnostic evaluation by an expert in the field, a complete physical examination and close follow-up. Clinical oversight means the team takes an interest in your total health, not just the ADHD that brought you in the door. You get support and medical supervision at no cost regardless of your insurance coverage, and you may gain access to new drugs not available to the general public.

Is this the year you finally take action? Don't let ADHD keep you from being your best self in 2015!


Institute for Advanced Medical Research

Dr. Angelo Sambunaris has been a leader in the field of clinical research for more than two decades. Prior to founding the Institute for Advanced Medical Research in 1998, he led clinical research teams at Solvay and Bayer Pharmaceutical. He also served as Lieutenant Commander, Research Officer Group United States Public Health Services at the NIMH.

1) Don't you already have enough volunteers?

No! Research facilities across the country need more volunteers; each person who participates in a clinical trial provides very valuable information in the progression of useful treatments.

2) I've already tried everything, so can this really be helpful?

People struggling with ADHD have probably tried a multitude of treatments with varying effectiveness. Those individuals are the very volunteers medical research is looking for to help us better understand the disease, the symptoms and responses to potential new treatments.


Sponsored by: Institute for Advanced Medical Research | 5895 Windward Parkway, Suite 150 | Alpharetta, GA 30005  |  Phone: (770) 817-9200 | www.IAMResearch.org


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Is Laser Blepharoplasty Right for You?

Excess skin and puffiness found in the upper or lower eyelids can be modified with blepharoplasty surgery. With the most technologically advanced laser used to perform this procedure, there is virtually no bleeding when sculpting and modifying excess fatty tissue. Although patients are given medication for pain following blepharoplasty surgery, most never need to take any medication.

Your Surgical Experience

Blepharoplasty is performed in an outpatient setting, which allows patients to rest at home immediately following the procedure. Patients are usually administered mild sedation from an IV medication inserted through a vein in their arm. The sedation ensures that patients are totally comfortable during the procedure and have no memory of the surgery. Local anesthesia is then applied to the operative area to further ensure total patient comfort. While the length of this procedure varies from patient to patient, on average, surgery takes 30 minutes for both upper eyelids and 30 minutes for both lower eyelids.

After Surgery

Following the procedure, patients are observed for a short while before returning home. Patients go home without any patch or bandages. The first two days following surgery should be spent in a relaxed environment with the head elevated, applying antibiotic ointment and frozen ice packs to the eyelids several times per day. This will help keep swelling to a minimum.

Before and AfterInitially the eyelids may feel tight, but this sensation usually resolves over the first week or so. On average, one week following this procedure, approximately 70-80 percent of swelling will have dissipated. After two weeks, close to 90 percent of the swelling will have dissipated, while the remaining 10 percent will decrease over the next few weeks to a month.


Kenneth R. Neufeld, MD
Thomas Eye Group

Kenneth R. Neufeld, M. D. is a board-certified ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon with specialized training in cosmetic and functional procedures around the upper face, brows and eyelids. He received his medical degree from the State University of New York at Syracuse and completed his ophthalmology residency at The New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center. His fellowship training in oculoplastic, reconstructive and laser surgery was completed at the Duke University Medical Center.

Dr. Neufeld specializes in treating eye-watering problems, droopy lids or brows, orbital tumors, eyelid malpositions and skin cancers. He also provides cosmetic services such as Botox, dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvedern and Voluma. His special interest in using the laser helps him achieve optimal results with minimal recovery time. He is a member of the Medical Association of Georgia, American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Association of Cosmetic Surgery.


Sponsored by: Thomas Eye Group | 5995 Barfield Road NE | Atlanta, Georgia 30328
Phone: (404) 256-1507 | www.thomaseyegroup.com


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4 Week Fitness Jump-Start!



It's a new year, and one of the most common New Year's resolutions is weight loss. At least 60 percent of people that set out to accomplish their New Year's resolution fitness plans fall off by March. Make this a successful year by achieving all of your fitness goals to reveal the new you!
Attack this month head on with these weekly tips.


001Create a Plan – Use your smartphone or a notepad to write out your short-term and long-term fitness and health goals. These can be weight loss goals and the number of days you will commit to working out. Make sure your goals are realistic so that you set yourself up for success!

Establish baseline measurements – Track your progress with pictures and weekly weigh-ins.
Use your favorite smart phone app to log your activity – Keeping a daily log of the food you eat and your daily activities will hold you accountable in executing your fitness plan.

Write out your meal plan for the week – Eat healthy throughout the day by planning and packing your weekly menu for all meals (three small meals and two to three snacks).


Review your fitness goals to see if you are on track based on the plan you created last week. If you are, great! Continue to execute your plan! If you were off target, go back to your goals and set intentions that are so important to you that you will have to stick to them. Then, attack your plan. You can do this!


You may feel as though you should have reached your goals yesterday but aren't seeing the level of results you imagined. Remember that change occurs with consistent behavior and a high level of commitment. This week, focus on flawless execution by completing all of your workouts and eating healthy.

Healthy Eating Tips to remember this week:

  • Eat breakfast prior to leaving home in the morning
  • Pack your meals, keep them with you and remember to eat every two to 2 1/2 hours
  • Eliminate bread, processed foods and drinks, butter and fried foods
  • Stick to whole, fresh foods and lean meat like fish
  • and chicken


You've proven to yourself that you have the discipline to stay consistent with workouts and healthy eating habits, and now you are seeing results! This week, kick it up a notch by adding 10 additional minutes of cardio at each session. With consistency, you will reach your goals and see the new you!

Happy New Year and Always Live Your Best Life!


Attachment-1Need help with great workouts at home?

Check out Lisa's Bikiniology Fitness DVD Program that comes with a 30-day total body workout and
a meal plan guide. Go to www.boutiquebodyfitness.com to get your copy!

Lisa Tanker-Potts is the owner of Boutique Body Fitness Studio located in the Grant Park District of Atlanta. Lisa is considered the guru of fitness for women seeking to enhance their lives through fitness, and has helped thousands of women achieve healthy lifestyles and get the physique of their dreams.

Lisa's trademark is her positive attitude, warm energy and her expertise in training women of all ages. Lisa's upbeat spirit and ability to make every client feel exclusive has quickly propelled her to be a top sought after fitness trainer, speaker and lifestyle expert.

After earning a Master of Business, Master of Health Administration and working eight years in the pharmaceutical sales industry, Lisa decided to follow her passion of helping women to get fit and healthy by becoming a personal trainer.

Lisa has been a regular guest on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta, on the Jennifer Keitt 104.1FM show and on the Atlanta Journal Constitution's Lifestyle blog. Lisa has also been a featured speaker at the BGR National Convention, Transforming Women and Entrepreneurs Conference and the Jennifer Keitt Empowerment Conference.


Sponsored by: Boutique Body Fitness | 650 Hamilton Ave SE, Suite D | Atlanta, GA 30312
Phone: (678) 568-9217 | www.boutiquebodyfitness.com



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Safely Stop the Hormonal Effects of Aging

As we age, our bodies produce fewer hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. This subsequently accelerates the aging process and the symptoms of menopause and andropause.
Estrogen – Estrogen has over 400 crucial functions in the body, such as helping maintain body temperature, regulate moods, decrease breakdown of bone tissue and maintain elasticity and moisture in the vagina. Symptoms of estrogen loss include mood swings, hot flashes, dry skin, higher risk of osteoporosis and painful intercourse.

Progesterone – Progesterone is essential to balancing estrogen. Symptoms of progesterone loss include insomnia, depression, mood swings, irritability, menstrual irregularity and osteoporosis.

Testosterone – The ovaries also produce testosterone, which plays a vital role in maintaining hormonal balance and affects emotional well-being, self-confidence, motivation and focus. The symptoms of testosterone loss include low sex drive, muscle loss, weight gain, depression and thinning hair.



Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is an option that does not just improve symptoms of aging but can also improve your quality of life. BHRT uses hormones from plant-based sources to restore healthy levels of your hormones.



Replacing these deficient hormones – naturally and not synthetically – can make the transition to the peri-menopausal or peri-andropausal stage healthier and more tolerable.

A Natural Solution
Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is an option that does not just improve symptoms of aging but can also improve your quality of life. BHRT uses hormones from plant-based sources to restore healthy levels of your hormones. These plant sources, such as wild yams, have a very similar chemical structure to the hormones made by the ovaries in women and the testicles in men. The difference between the plant source and the human source is only one or two branches in the chemical structure, which are removed in the lab to produce the same exact chemical structure that the ovary or testicle would produce. Because this hormone is chemically the same as our own hormones, it binds in our receptors just as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle would fit together.

Due this perfect fit and ability for individual customization, the symptom relief of BHRT is better than the relief offered by synthetic hormones. With BHRT, there are no unintended breakdown products causing worse side effects and increasing cancer risks. Plus, the conversion of the botanical product into the bio-identical hormone is done by certified compounding pharmacies that are FDA-controlled and inspected for safety. BHRT is available in creams that can be applied daily or in pellet therapy, which can be administered every 3-12 months, depending on the individual. Before beginning any hormone replacement therapy, discuss all your options, risks and benefits with your health care provider.


Untitled-1Welcome to the Harley Anti-Aging Institute

Dr. Harley founded the Harley Anti-Aging Institute, which specializes in hormone balancing, anti-aging, weight management and aesthetics with emphasis on treating the "Whole Person." At the Harley Anti-Aging Institute, you can also enjoy advanced, therapeutic and beautifying spa services. Your experience will be relaxing and rejuvenating to your mind, body and spirit.

Dr. Harley is a pioneer in the anti-aging field with a fellowship in functional integrative medicine. She is a board-certified physician and one of Atlanta's top doctors. Dr. Harley has enthusiastically served the Metro Atlanta community over 30 years.

Dr. Harley has studied and researched the use of synthetic versus natural hormone replacement therapy for her patients. She has found that natural bioidentical creams and pellet therapy are far superior to any synthetic hormones on the market. Her female as well as male patients have regained what they thought was forever lost: energy, focus, drive and zest for life!


Sponsored by: Harley Anti-Aging Institute | 2678 Buford Hwy NE | Atlanta, GA 30324
Phone: (678) 500-1066 | www.harleyantiaging.com


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Best Bras for the New Year

Q: This month you're focused on New Year, New You! How does getting a new bra fit into that?

A: Most women don't realize how much a great fitting bra can change their lives! Not only does it improve your posture by providing support and decreasing discomfort, it also increases your self-esteem. If your New Year's resolution is working on YOU, start with your foundations at LiviRae Lingerie!

Q: Is it important to get a fitting if you're only shopping for a sports bra?

A: Yes! Sports bras, though often overlooked, are a very important addition to your bra wardrobe. Exercise can cause your breasts to bounce up and down and in a circular motion. That type of repetitive motion can cause pain, soreness and even sagging. We also suggest that women always buy a cup sized sports bra instead of the basic small, medium, or large sizes that most stores carry. Protecting and caring for your breast tissue is extremely important, and wearing the right sports bra can help you do just that!

Best-Self-NYE-Badge-1Q: How do you ensure that each customer gets the perfect fitting bra?

A: About 85 percent of women are wearing a bra that is two bands too big and two cups too small. The band of the bra is the most important piece, so that's always the first thing we check. We take time during fittings to educate women about bra fit for bust health. We allow our customers to try on different bra options and styles to help them find the perfect fit.

Q: Do you think that an ill-fitting bra can lead to health issues?

A: Yes. When a bra does not fit correctly, women carry extra pressure in their shoulders, causing indentations, neck pain, back pain and, in the long term, the Dowagers hump. If the wire rests on the breast tissue instead of flat against the rib cage, that pressure can also cause calcification of the cells within the breast tissue.


RIBBONs-019New Year, New You at LiviRae Lingerie!

Founded by Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker in 2006, LiviRae Lingerie is a place where women of all shapes and sizes can shop for gorgeous lingerie in a judgment-free zone. Their primary mission is to help women at any age receive the proper education about bra fit. Carrying bra sizes from 30A – 50N, LiviRae Lingerie fits everybody with every body! Their tag line says it all: "No Bust Too Big or Small, We Fit 'Em All!"

LiviRae Lingerie is located in Kennesaw, Georgia and provides a lingerie experience that helps women feel confident and comfortable. LiviRae Lingerie specializes in bra fitting, custom lingerie, plus size bras and specialty products such as augmentation and mastectomy bras.

If your New Year's resolution is to take better care of yourself, what better place to start than the foundations of your daily wardrobe? Let us help you feel lifted and gifted in 2015!


Sponsored by: Livi Rae Lingerie | 440 Ernest Barrett Pkwy, Suite #31 | Kennesaw, GA, 30144
Phone: (770) 429-7004 | www.liviraelingerie.com


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Healthy Bust, Healthy You


Q: What inspired you to start LiviRae Lingerie?

A: When we first got into the lingerie business, we worked for a company that catered to a specific type of women. Our hearts were hurting for the women we had to turn away because we didn't have product that suited their needs. We decided to create a place where we could carry bras for everybody with every body! With that, LiviRae Lingerie was created as a judgment free zone for women of all shapes and sizes. When they find products that work for them, they leave feeling beautiful, confident and of course, lifted and gifted in their brand new bras!

Q: We know that LiviRae Lingerie focuses on bra fit for bust health. Can you tell us why bra fit is so important?

A: About 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Most women wear bras about two bands too big and two cups too small! Bra fit is important for many reasons including overall self esteem, comfort and health. An ill-fitting bra can cause pain and discomfort to the shoulders and back. All of the pressure falls on the shoulders, which can cause long-term pain.

Best-Self-Mag-Gift-Card-Button-Xmas-1Q: What can a woman do to extend the life of her bra?

A: There are a few things we suggest in order to keep those bras going! One of our first suggestions is to build up your bra collection so you can rotate each day, and avoid wearing the same bra back to back. Another way to extend the life of a bra is to use the right detergent. We suggest washing bras by hand or on a gentle cycle in cold water with a mild lingerie detergent. Always hang bras from the center or lay them flat to dry, never put them in the dryer or hang them by the strap.

Q: How many bras should the average woman have?

A: We suggest that each woman start her bra collection with four bras and build to seven within the span of a year. This is necessary to maintain a healthy bra wardrobe and extend the life of all of your bras.

Q: How does the "virtual fit" on your website work?

A: Virtual Fit is a revolutionary process! We have created a way to bring our unique bra fitting technique to women all around the world from the comforts of their own home! We use Skype to reach women no matter where they are, and give them a personalized bra fitting experience. Following the fitting, our virtual fitters will walk their client through the online shopping process, helping them to navigate the site and show them which styles and products will work best for them. The fitters pass on their product knowledge and teach their clients what they need to know about bra fit and bust health, making sure they leave with everything they need.



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Founded by Molly Hopkins & Cynthia Decker in 2006, LiviRae Lingerie is a place where women of all shapes and sizes can shop for gorgeous lingerie in a judgment free zone. Their primary mission is to help women at any age, receive the proper education about bra fit. Carrying bra sizes from 28A – 50N, LiviRae Lingerie fits everybody with every body! Their tag line says it all, "No Bust Too Big or Small, We Fit 'Em All" ...and they do just that!

LiviRae Lingerie is located in Kennesaw, Georgia and provides a lingerie experience that helps women feel confident and comfortable through their entire shopping experience. LiviRae Lingerie specializes in bra fitting, custom lingerie, plus size bras and specialty products such as augmentation and mastectomy bras.

The ladies of LiviRae love what they do because of the difference that they are able to make in women's lives. "We believe we have a God given talent to bra fit women, and we love nothing more than to use that talent every day!" – Molly & Cynthia

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