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My Best Self: Russell Kohl

 My Best Self: Russell Kohl

P1 Russell KohlLife is good for Russell Kohl. As the president/CEO of Freud/Diablo Inc., a nearly $1 billion industry-leading manufacturer and marketer of cutting and portable power tools, a jet-set lifestyle comes with the job. Though his trips to Italy allowed him to learn deep-rooted Italian techniques for one of his favorite culinary hobbies, it’s being surrounded by friends, family, and the outdoors that make life meaningful for this Georgia and Florida resident. Here, the father of two talks work-life balance, fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs, giving back and more.  

By Alex McCray

Why is giving back important to you?
It’s part of creating a legacy. It set in when the College of Business at my alma mater, Florida State University, asked me to come back and be a keynote speaker. I was shocked they knew who I was. That got me back involved with Florida State and the importance of making education better and sharing what I’ve learned. Currently, I’m on the College of Business Board of Governors, and the Board of Trustees for the Florida State University Foundation. I want to make sure I’m giving back, and not just with money, but by being involved.

What is the greatest personal challenge you’ve overcome?
I have four manufacturing plants in Italy and two in Switzerland. So I’m in Italy and Switzerland every six weeks. When you land, you lose a lot of sleep and then there are social events every night. The struggle is to do all of that and still balance a social life, being engaged in the community here, and keeping my fitness up. When I’m on the road, it feels like there are no gyms in Europe. You just have to get clever.

What brings you real joy?
A lot, but I’d say love. What also really does it for me is grilling on the beach with a bunch of friends and enjoying great food with a little too much wine. I’m a Big Green Egg fan and I dry age my own meats. I do nearly every fish you can imagine.
When you’re feeling out of whack, how do you center yourself?
The whole fitness aspect is very relieving for me and now, I’m doing yoga. Other guys are skeptical but I find more of them are actually doing it and I’m getting a lot out of it. I have the coolest instructor named Georgia Deane at the Buckhead location of Highland Yoga. She makes me want to sell everything I have, buy a VW bus, go to California and soak in suntan lotion. Anything to do with water or skiing is very therapeutic and calming. I love to surf and ski, and generally be outdoors.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I love what I do so I want to continue to run my business and maintain my involvement with educational boards. Having a place in Telluride, Colorado, and Italy are on my ‘victory board’ for 2025. I also want to invest in more small businesses that I enjoy.  

Who/what helps you be your Best Self?
Michelle Hodgson was an incredible influence on what I am doing personally with my company to create a legacy of making the world better, which led to the development of the Best in the World, Best for Our World theme for my life and approach to business. Once we connected, I helped her raise money for Children Helping Children, create structure, and organize. In return, she challenged me. The Young Presidents’ Organization, which I’m also involved in, has had a huge influence on me.


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Love That Lasts


5 Local couples share their secrets for long-term relationships

By Jennifer Colosimo

No matter what sparks it, whether an app or an old-fashioned introduction from a friend, love is something to celebrate. 
And contrary to popular belief, long-term romances are still revered today. 
So if you’re a sucker for a good love story, find reassurance 
that love is very much in the air. Turn the page to meet 
local couples that can prove it.

Dan and Susan Wirtz
P1 Love That LastsWhen Dan and Susan met in 1993, they were living almost a thousand miles from each other, but were in fact raised less than two hours apart. It’s been nearly three decades since they met and this year they’ll celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with their two teenage daughters. No small feat, but one they credit to good communication, unified familial values and a whole lot of respect for each other.

“We have a foundation of common interests, shared values, life philosophy, and love for each other,” Susan says. “We had similar upbringings and thankfully, we are on the same page about finances and parenting! These two topics can cause great conflict if spouses disagree.” The Wirtzes agreed that communication, patience, compromise, and understanding each other’s perspectives are the keys to a good relationship—but they are all elements that have to continually be exercised.
“We have made a point to keep our relationship the primary relationship in our lives,” Dan says. “Respect, consideration, and kindness toward each other, laughing and having fun together—those things are important to us. We feel fortunate that we still like to hang out with each other and enjoy so many of the same activities.”

Having fun together also means giving each other space to do things with friends or pursue hobbies, and because they’ve allowed each other room to grow and change as individuals, they’re stronger as a couple. That strength has equipped them to navigate the deaths of parents, raising teenagers, and running their own business. It’s taught teamwork and compromise—and how to give and receive an apology. Plus, they make a point to share personal notes throughout the year to celebrate what they mean to each other so their love stays prominent.
“Relationships have easy phases and phases when they take a lot of work,” says Susan. “Hang in there when it is challenging and appreciate the times when everything is smooth and easy. Remember why you love the other person and why you chose him/her to be your spouse. Figure out what works best for how you and your family operate and stick to it.”

Michael and Gail Parker

P2 Love That LastsWhen Michael and Gail first met it wasn’t much more than hellos and goodbyes. But when Gail admitted she wanted to move away due to Charlotte, North Carolina’s lack of eligible bachelors Michael got serious.

“I made up this story about a committee whose mission was to ensure women in Charlotte had a good time,” Michael says. “I asked her if she would mind me taking her ‘case’ back to the committee in hopes of changing her mind about the men in Charlotte. She didn’t buy it for one minute but liked my creativity so she played along and agreed. As they say, ‘the rest is history!’”

Quick history that is—they only waited three months before deciding to get married and this year they’ll celebrate 35 years together.

“We love each other enough to put the other’s desires before our own when necessary. It works in the end, and we’re both happier for it,” says Michael, who recently relented his Sunday football game to attend a jewelry show with his wife.

But no cliché here—the next week, Gail kept Michael company on a trip, even logging a few of the driving miles. Compromises playing a role, the Parkers also both swear by compatibility as the key to their relationship success.

“We enjoy doing the same things and the desire to be together overrides [anything else],” Gail says. “We are each other’s best friend and enjoy the company of each other more than anyone else.”
Their compatibility spans morals, faith, and philosophies about money, life, health, and fitness, making it easy to want to be around each other; but just like any other couple, they’ve dealt with challenges like building careers, raising a family, financial stress, relocations, deaths of loved ones, and more. Their desire to be together is what helps them overcome.

“We are blessed to have had a ‘fight-free marriage,’” claims Michael. “Over 35 years, we have had either four or five arguments. It depends on who you ask to get the right count. But that is a real triumph. We’ve learned that being careful with our words and making sure we express them at the right time, in the right way, is fundamental to building a solid marriage.”

Susan and David Nethero
P3 Love That LastsWhen you think about engaging in a long-distance relationship, longevity may not be what comes to mind. That’s what Susan and David thought when they started dating, until the morning they woke up and knew they wanted to get married. They were in many of the same professional circles, but almost never lived in the same city—even after getting married—and it wasn’t until they moved to Atlanta (for the second time) that they put both pairs of feet on the ground together.

In Atlanta, they owned and operated Intimacy, the game-changing women’s lingerie company in
Phipps Plaza, growing the company to 18 U.S. locations before selling it to an international partner. It was never easy juggling business, family and life, but they made it work because of a shared vision for their future.
“We have these handwritten values we wrote out with each other,” Susan says. “They’re our vision for our life, reminders of what makes us a great couple and our shared goals, our shared values. That’s really what has made us so successful. We enjoy traveling and working together toward our goals, we love our family and grandkids, we like to work and serve others before our own needs, and we have so many shared experiences working together for over half of our lives.”
Serving others helped them find something else they shared—an interest in helping fund women entrepreneurs.

“Post Intimacy, we tried to redefine how we could find the next challenge,” says Susan. “We joined an
angel investment group in New York City called Golden Seeds. As managing directors in the
NYC chapter and new founding members in Atlanta, we have funded women who are innovators, risk managers, and women striving to build the next generation of technology in health care, enterprise technology and consumer products.”

They’re still on the go, traveling regularly to New York City and around the world for pleasure, but rooted in common passions, they’re doing all of it together … celebrating their 38th anniversary this year.

“We’ve never really had struggles—that word doesn’t really resonate with me,” David says. “We may have disagreed on something, but it was over an issue, not over a value. We debate, and then it’s over. It’s something called ‘unconditional love.’ And that means no conditions. I just love her.”

Jim and Edie Kelley

P4 Love That LastsJim and Edie met at church in 1975, but the Kelleys’ story stops being cookie cutter right there. It was an African-American church, and Jim was the only white guy in attendance.

“I had decided to make a difference as far as integration was concerned,” Jim says. “I got to know people and had a lot of friends. That’s how it started with Edie.”

That may have been what started it, but the more time the two spent together—bowling, movies, dinners, parties—it became obvious it was getting romantic. Especially when Jim finally kissed her.
The unlikely couple dated for about a year and got married in 1977. It sounds easy, but the 42 years were anything but, facing struggles from the very beginning as an interracial couple. At the courthouse, they were reminded it was illegal for them to marry in the state of Georgia.
At their first apartment complex, they were refused. Jim’s dad didn’t attend their wedding.

“Our relationship was the eye of the storm,” says Jim. “We knew what we were getting into before we got married. We knew there’d be challenges and we made the decision that we would be willing to go through that because we felt we knew we were doing the right thing.
We were right for one another.”

“We’ve learned a lot from each other because of our differences,” Edie says. “Nothing anyone said changed my feelings for Jim and vice versa. If we were going to face something, we were going to do it together.”

Prejudice subsided quite a bit over 42 years, and even Jim’s dad grew to love Edie. But what really grew was the love these two share for each other, which came in handy about eight years ago, when Jim was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“There’s a lot of struggles with hearing that—with being a man, worried about losing your manhood—but Edie helped me never to lose sight of the fact that life’s more than that. I knew she’d still love me, regardless. So, we decided we’d treat it, deal with it and go on with our lives,” says Jim.

And over the course of about eight months, they did.

“We love each other dearly,” says Edie. “We can feel it from each other. It’s the kind of deep love people talk about when they say you found your soul mate. We found ours.”

“A lot of our friends talk about what a good marriage we have. It really comes down to our love and commitment for each other,” says Jim. “We want each other to be happy.”

Patti and Mark Stephens
 P5 Love That LastsPatti and Mark met just before the 1996 Summer Olympics here in Atlanta, which meant most of their first dates centered around Olympic events. It took Patti about three months before she knew—and Mark will tell you he calls it, “the summer [she] didn’t like me,”—but fate won out, and they both realized they’d found someone special. They were married after only 15 months.

“I knew he was not like anyone I’d dated before,” Patti says. “Funny thing is, you always hear about six degrees of separation—this truly was that. My dear friend and old roommate introduced me to a friend, who introduced me to a friend and so on.”

Degrees of separation is just one credit to the success these two have found together.

“We were both over 35 when we married, so it helps that we had a pretty good idea who we were by that time,” Mark says. “I think it also helps that neither of us was looking for a spouse, and really only thought about getting married until we were with someone that made us think about getting married.” The minister and longtime friend that performed their ceremony also provided some wise advice: learn the phrase, “I love you anyway.”

It was also about respect. Spending years around other married couples helped them make mental notes and understand what it meant to build a life together.

“You have to want the best for each other,” says Patti. “We both like to stay active and healthy and enjoy many of the same things, but we also are good at doing our own things. Mark still plays soccer and goes cycling with his buddies while I go to Pilates and out with the girls. There will be times that you don’t want to be apart from each other—those are amazing. But there will be times that you really want some time on your own. That’s okay, too, because it makes the together times even better.”

Just this past year, Mark and Patti each lost one of their parents. With a base of respect and support, they could lean on each other for the emotional support they needed to weather through it—and came out even stronger on the other side. Mark stressed the importance of a similar unified front for approaching issues to do with raising their son.

“We have been married for over 22 years, and parents for 21, so parenting has always been a significant aspect of almost our entire marriage,” he says. “The best way for me to be a good father is to be a good husband—the rest will take care of itself.”

Making the Love Connection Digitally

P6 Love That LastsMichael Brontë and Brenda Hall met on Bumble, the digital dating app designed to give women the decision-making power to choose who they want to connect with.

“When Brenda and I met, it was my first time using [Bumble],” Brontë says. “It seemed superior to apps I’d tried in the past. It was upscale, but not stuffy, and easy to use.”

The app works by asking clients to submit preferences, scroll through potential profiles and swipe left (to say no) and right (to say yes). If both parties swipe right, they’ll “connect” and women have
24 hours to reach out.

“Brenda let me ‘time out’ the first time!” admits Brontë. “But, there was something about her, I felt like I knew her. Goofy as it sounds.”

“I chose to use Bumble because I knew I most likely wouldn’t meet anyone socially with my schedule. Michael’s profile was the first to pop up every time I opened my account,” says Hall. “I was so nervous the first few times I went on, I deleted my account before I reached out to anyone, twice. That means I ignored Michael’s match, twice. He almost didn’t respond to me the third time.”

Hall was slow to master online communicating, or feel comfortable with the idea of reaching out to strangers, but the space it allowed to get her feet wet first gave her the confidence to agree to meet. And when they did, the date lasted six hours. Now, they’ve spent three years together.

“I credit our success to our mutual love, respect and appreciation. We both came from very different paths and found each other,” Brontë says. “I didn’t think I would find that ‘one’ at this point, to be honest. I appreciate her every day. I think we both do our best in showing and telling each other that in many ways. We both feel we’re lucky.”

“My advice is, don’t quit,” says Hall. “I’m so glad he was patient with me. I felt like I wasn’t the most eligible bachelorette, but I also knew I deserved to be happy with someone. When I saw Michael’s profile, something felt right. I knew he was the guy for me.”

Finding Love That Lasts in Today’s World
P7 Love That Lasts
These days, you don’t have to practice pickup lines to seek promising relationships. Local businesses make it easy to cut out awkward first dates through personalized processes that help you filter through Atlanta’s eligible men and women.

Traditional matchmaking services like Single Atlanta and One-on-One Matchmaking handpick matches between individuals who share common interests, values and goals to provide high-end experiences for busy singles. Services are tailored to each individual and logistics are the easy part. Eight at Eight breaks the ice on standard blind dates by hosting intimate group dinner parties that introduce compatible singles in comfortable, sophisticated environments to spark conversation and chemistry.

In addition, society has mastered digital dating in a way that makes it easy to meet the people you want to. Apps and websites like Bumble,, Coffee Meets Bagel and more use algorithms and first impressions to suggest matches in your area. Another great way to connect with others is through networking events for singles such as Best Self Atlanta’s Single in the City gatherings. Could we go so far as to say dating is easy now?

Thank you to No18 for hosting the photo shoot for this article and to Krys Alex Photography LLC for capturing the special moments.


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New Year, New You!

New Year, New You!

18 Influencers • 10 Tour Partners • 160+ Beauty Treatments • 1,000+ Posts and Videos • 60,000+ Likes, Comments, and Shares

To experience the hottest beauty trends for the new year in person, we enlisted 18 Atlanta influencers to take part in our 2020 Vision of Beauty Tour.From Oct. 15, 2019, through Jan. 15, 2020, they visited some of the city’s leading beauty businesses to learn about what’s in and what’s out for the new decade. Turn the page to find out.

2020 Vision of Beauty

Lidia Nistor-Reteneller | Skin IQ

P1 NewYear NewYou
For over 17 years, Lidia Nistor-Reteneller has been a leader in innovative skin care and aesthetic practices. Not long ago, the progressive medical aesthetician began to see a need for services that also nurtured the inner beauty of her clients. This revelation led to the addition of Chakra Balancing sessions with reiki, meditation guidance, and more to her spa. Visitors of Skin IQ can expect care from a kind-hearted practitioner that consistently brings the best practices for inner and outer beauty to her clients.

How have you seen the beauty industry change in the past 5 years?
I noticed a shift from self-consciousness to self-awareness, and as a result of this new trend, people are willing and eager to go inward through practices like meditation, mindfulness, self-discovery or self-improvement.

What sets your business apart from others in relation to reiki?
Reiki treatments are typically used in wellness or integrative medicine centers, but not in the beauty industry. I have introduced reiki treatments because I want to approach beauty from a holistic perspective. It is a form of alternative medicine through which people can achieve inner peace and can reconnect their inner beauty with their outer beauty. This reconnection helps people to stop feeling self-conscious or worrying about the aging process (solar plexus chakra). Typically, when people achieve inner peace they are very beautiful.They are luminous and other people love to be around them.

What is something about energy healing that the public often gets confused about?
Most people think reiki treatment is witchcraft, and they have no idea about what it really is because of the lack of substantial scientific data, or their own lack of interest to learn more about it. Reiki is actually associated with following your intuition and opening up beyond what we perceive as the physical world—beyond our five senses.


2020 Vision of Beauty Tour Influencer Experience
“My fifth stop on the tour was a visit to Skin IQ owned by Lidia Nistor-Reteneller to experience a customized session about meditation. Lidia is very knowledgeable and trained at The Chopra Center. She gave me a questionnaire before my appointment that gave her insight into my mind-body type. …
She shared with me three meditation styles that would work for my personality and schedule, and shared tips that would make meditation more effective.”  

Kwavi Agbeyegbe

 2020 Vision of Beauty

Slim Studio

P2 NewYear NewYouSlim Studio is Atlanta’s premier medical body sculpting center, specializing only in Emsculpt® and CoolSculpting®. Since its inception in 2015, Slim Studio has been at the forefront of the latest technologies in noninvasive medical body contouring. The staff’s vast experience, tenure, and advanced training in both CoolSculpting® and Emsculpt® will ensure that your body is in the very best hands.

What trends do you see on the horizon for 2020?
Today, men and women are seeking noninvasive, nonsurgical procedures to sculpt their bodies. The demand for Emsculpt® is skyrocketing as people looking to build and define their muscles become aware of this amazing new technology. To date, over 100,000 Emsculpt® procedures have been performed with great patient satisfaction. CoolSculpting® has practically become a household word with over 6 million treatments completed.

What is something about nonsurgical body sculpting that clients get confused about?
Our body sculpting procedures serve different purposes. CoolSculpting® reduces unwanted fat in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. Emsculpt® builds muscle fibers and muscle volume, resulting in increased strength and more defined and toned muscles. In addition, some clients are experiencing a reduction in back pain, improvement in diastasis recti, and have even achieved longer distances with their golf swing as Emsculpt® builds the core muscles!

What sets your business apart from others?
Experience matters. Slim Studio is the only facility in Georgia that exclusively performs Emsculpt® and CoolSculpting®. Our staff has an incredible breadth of experience in performing these treatments. They have all had advanced training and are truly Atlanta’s body-sculpting experts.

What is one thing you want people to know about your business?
We offer our clients a thorough education of both treatments at their private consultation and we pride ourselves on providing honest evaluations. We employ careful patient selection and only recommend our treatments if someone is truly a good candidate. In the case that someone is not a good candidate for our procedures, we present alternative options to help clients achieve the changes they desire.


2020 Vision of Beauty Tour Influencer Experience
“Working out is a huge part of my life and I am all about some muscle and a nice booty, so I was excited to try Emsculpt®. I will admit, I was skeptical when I first heard about this. It is four 30-minute sessions, which I did on my lunch break and read a book during. … I am very passionate when
I believe in something, and these results are incredible. I am also so much stronger in the gym and can squat with heavier weight than I have ever been able to before. I absolutely loved Robbie, Alenka, and the entire @slimstudiobodysculpting staff.”

Tonya Renee Guillory

2020 Vision of Beauty

Lyn Ross, LME | Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skin Care and Spa

P31 NewYear NewYou

What started as a dream in Buckhead, licensed medical esthetician Lyn Ross has turned into a skin care empire. During its 30-plus-year history, her business has won numerous awards and grown to feature a staff with over 300 years of combined experience. Ross also launched the Institut’ DERMed College of Advanced Aesthetics, and most recently was inducted into the Aesthetics International Association Academy of Legends.

What is “in” for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation?
The blending of facial and body rejuvenation. It’s been really big in Europe for years and American men and women are
just now getting into the benefits of it. That part of our business is really growing.

When selecting a provider for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, what should someone look for?
You need to look at basic education, advanced certification, years in business and online reviews. Also, why not try different providers until you find one that you really connect with in terms of their style, technique and sanitation standards instead of shopping for a provider based on price alone?

What is something about nonsurgical facial rejuvenation that clients often get confused about?
The cloning of professional equipment into small hand-held devices sold over the internet that claim to have the same medical benefits. Another good example I saw recently on ‘The Doctors’ is the collagen drink fad. Physicians know the only way to induce more collagen is through injections or skin-cell stimulation using medical devices and procedures. Try convincing the public that it’s unrealistic to expect a drink to magically make you look younger.

What trends do you see on the horizon for 2020?
No pun intended, but hot treatments like the combination of microneedling with radio frequency are heating up the skin rejuvenation market.


2020 Vision of Beauty Tour Influencer Experience

“I was thrilled that stop eight on the #2020VisionOfBeauty tour for @bestselfatlanta took me to the beautiful Atlanta skin institution @institutdermed! I opted for the Skin Brightening Facial, which consisted of countless steps of feel-good nourishment for my face, neck and décolletage. Promise was my esthetician, and while she worked, she educated me on why she used certain products, how best to use them at home, and why they would help my skin look its best for years to come.”

Liz Carlile

2020 Vision of Beauty

Amanda Hair | Bob Steele Salon

P3 NewYear NewYou
Creating head-turning hair is what the 100-plus stylists at Bob Steele Salons do best. The knowledgeable team members undergo an extensive internship before servicing clients at any of the brand’s five locations. Skill may appear to reign supreme in this company, but the compatibility between the hairstylist and client is equally as important.

How have you seen this industry change in the past 5 years?
Lived-in hair and more freehand color techniques are definitely more prevalent. You might spend more for each color service but be able to extend the time between services with techniques such as balayage, ombré, and shadow roots. Expect to have a ‘double-process color’ if you want to stay on trend. That means you’ll be combining two or more color services and/or techniques within one appointment.  

What trends do you see on the horizon for 2020?  
Shags, curtain bangs, and showcasing the natural texture of your hair.

What is no longer “in” for hair?
Stick-straight hair, chunky striped highlights, perms, the ‘v’ cut, stacked bobs and overly angled bobs.

What should someone look for when selecting a hairstylist?
Look for a stylist that asks you just as many questions as you ask him or her. My favorite way to ‘date’ a stylist before committing is to book a blowout first. During that visit, you can see if the connection is there and get a feel for if that stylist will be the right fit for the style you are trying to achieve.  

What sets your business apart from others?

We’ve been in Atlanta since 1979, so we know how to train and educate our stylists. With strong relationships with Redken®, Kérastase, and Pureology®, we can use our in-house education team for the latest trends and techniques, and send our educators out to stay on top of what is happening in hair and fashion.


2020 Vision of Beauty Tour Influencer Experience

“I visited @bobsteelesalon and what a treat! I got a highlight, lowlight and protective treatment. Then she styled my hair with curls that turned into beach waves the next day. I went to the Atlanta Post Riverside location and Ming took care of me. She was quick and we chatted up a storm. I like it when it’s a one-stop fix and I don’t have to see three different people to get my hair done.”

Lynne McDonald

2020 Vision of Beauty

Paige Conner | Luxury Lash Beauty

P4 NewYear NewYou
Paige Conner knows lashes and brows. The master aesthetician has not only been trained in America, London, Italy and Amsterdam, she even created her own line of lash extensions and launched five types of adhesive. Clients have turned to her to enhance their eyes and brows for over 18 years. Today, she offers complete aesthetic services at her studio and educates the next generation of professionals at Luxury Lash Academy.

How have you seen your industry change in the last 5 years?
Hybrid lash extensions—a cross between classic and volume lashes—are more popular now. For longevity, a bonder is added for immediate cure time to set the adhesive. For the brows, shading along with microstroking offers a more complete look for all skin types

What trends do you see on the horizon for 2020?
Keratin lash lifting and tinting creates a more natural multidimensional look utilizing a combination of volume and classic technique with a splash of color. It is great for those that do not wear extensions, and for those that do—‘fluff appeal’ wins!  
For those that have thinning or no brows, it is about creating that natural, fuller look. We accomplish this by microblading the brows using a combined stroke technique of mixing darker and lighter pigments with a seamless arch tapered to the end to accentuate the eye.
The future of brow grooming is using a technique called lamination, which is a straightening perm, tint, wax, and trim of the brow to allow the hairs to go upward, become prominent, and create a fluffy, full brow.

What should someone look for when selecting a provider for lash extensions and eyebrow services?
Ask questions. How long have they been performing the services? Where did they get their training? Are they licensed? How long have their customers been wearing lash extensions? Ask about the adhesive. Do they have more than one? Where is it manufactured?

What is no longer “in” for lashes and brows?
We have many curls and lengths in lash extensions; however, the more subtle, classic looking lash is out along with thin brows. The fuller the better!

What sets your business apart from others?
The reviews! The consultation alone will reveal our experience and knowledge. An experienced technician will consider lifestyle and medical conditions, which both make a difference in longevity and the type of adhesive to be used on each guest.


2020 Vision of Beauty Tour Influencer Experience

“I didn’t really understand the appeal of lash extensions until my eyes were opened to the meticulous technique used to create this wow factor. … Paige Conner was one of the first lash artists in Atlanta and is still sought after. You may be hooked after going to her and want to throw away those lash strips.”

Tran Bui Smith

2020 Vision of Beauty

Dr. Dina Giesler | Atlanta Smiles

P5 NewYear NewYou
Since 1991, Dr. Dina Giesler has crafted showstopping smiles. The conservative and caring approach to cosmetic dentistry taken by her team at Atlanta Smiles is always centered around what is best for the patient. Your wants and needs are their No. 1 priority.  

How have you seen your industry change in the past 5 years?
We’ve seen an increase in the number of patients who want to be more efficient with their services. Our office is also one of the very few offices in Georgia that is approved for dental sleep medicine, so many physicians now refer their patients to us. Plus, Dr. Marianna Kovitch has been named an American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine Diplomate.

What trends do you see on the horizon for 2020?
Providing all-around wellness and health for our patients is a top priority in 2020. You are going to be hearing a lot about dental sleep medicine and how, together, these fields are offering patients choices when they are diagnosed with sleep apnea.

What is no longer “in” for cosmetic dentistry?  
Over-preparing the teeth is out. Bonding is also no longer popular. It’s a
short-term option and most people are electing to have porcelain veneers placed for long-term success. Minimally prepless restorations are also the go-to now.

When selecting a provider for cosmetic dentistry, what should someone look for?
Cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized specialty of dentistry. So, anyone can say they are a cosmetic dentist—and they do. You should always find out what credentials and how many years of experience the provider has. You will also want to see cases that dentist has done. Also, the dentist should genuinely listen to what you want. Cosmetic dentistry is elective and personal.

What sets your business apart?  
We are patient-driven, and we try to give our patients every choice available to make a difference in their smile. Not everyone can afford 10 upper veneers, and there are always other options until veneers can ultimately be performed.

2020 Vision of Beauty Tour Influencer Experience
“I just had a professional teeth whitening at @atlsmiles and now I just can’t stop smiling! As we get older, it is natural that our teeth become slightly yellow but thankfully you can do something about it! I can recommend @atlsmiles to you: super friendly and professional staff!”

Sissi Nuthman

2020 Vision of Beauty

Andreia Guilmet | Brazilian Wax by Andreia

P6 NewYear NewYou
For over 15 years, Andreia Guilmet has been setting the standard in hair removal. Imported organic wax, a team of carefully trained estheticians, stellar customer service, convenience, and competitive pricing are her secrets to success. The commitment Brazilian Wax by Andreia has to exceptional and efficient treatments has gained the brand a loyal following of men and women.

What is “in” for hair removal?  
Quality. More than ever, individuals are making sure they go to a salon that specializes in quality waxing services and has a strong track record. In 2019, we invested in new wax warmers to ensure the wax is the proper temperature when applied to the skin. This year, we will upgrade even more.

What should someone look for when selecting a provider for hair removal?
First, look at the overall cleanliness of the salon, starting with the reception area. Make sure the esthetician is wearing gloves, properly sanitizing all instruments before and after use, and not dipping the applicator into the wax warmer multiple times. Also, make sure the salon and the esthetician are properly licensed by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers.

How have you seen your industry change in the past 5 years?
The use of hard wax has continued to increase in popularity over the past few years.

What do you want people to know about your business?
First, we are constantly reinvesting into the business. In addition, I have a huge heart for missions and spreading the Gospel. As Brazilian Wax by Andreia grows, so does our support for various organizations. In November 2019, I traveled to Southeast Asia. I spent time in the red-light district and feel very compelled to support ways to remove women from this horrible and spiritually dead area.
I am currently looking at a way to bring NEW LIFE and restoration to the ladies.

2020 Vision of Beauty Tour Influencer Experience
“Today, I had the best experience at @brazilianwaxbyandreia—in and out in less than 30 mins. I also wanted to share this pro tip, it’s recommended that you exfoliate with a salt scrub to remove dead cells and lock in moisture. The Soufflé Salt Scrub is infused with lemons, which helps with hyperpigmentation.”

Arkeedah McCormick

2020 Vision of Beauty

Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker | Atlanta Face & Body

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A tailored approach to facial rejuvenation is always taken at Atlanta Face & Body. Known as the “Queen of Faces,” founder Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker personally administers every injectable. Her practice has established a rock-solid reputation for using advanced technology to safely deliver clients their desired outcomes.

What trends do you see on the horizon for 2020?
Younger generations are exhibiting a greater acceptance and more widespread adoption of regular preventative treatments, especially injectables. There’s even a name for this new aesthetic audience—The Reclaimers. They are women who may have spent the last few years building a career or raising a family, and are finally saying, ‘It’s time to get back to me.’ Men are also seeking the benefits of injectables in greater numbers.

What is “out” and what is “in” for injectables?
Overfilled lips, or any use of fillers or toxins that lead to exaggerated outcomes, are definitely out. ‘Tweakment’ is in. With experienced hands and an artistic eye, injectables can be so precise that they offer a microrefinement that is not obvious, but certainly noticed. And they’re fun! At our practice, injectables are so popular, we regularly offer events like Filler Friyay.

What sets your business apart from others?

My medical degree, board certification, years of experience, and role as an injectable trainer gives me the breadth of knowledge and expertise needed to customize a treatment plan to meet our clients’ concerns and desires. For example, we offer the ‘Liquid Face-lift’ that can restore fullness to cheeks and ‘lift’ the cheek area without incisions or surgery. Restoring volume can be accomplished by employing advanced dermal fillers, sometimes in combination with neurotoxins. Volume restoration adds more light to the face, which in turn can make the skin look more radiant while exuding a more rested appearance and friendlier smile.

What should someone look for when selecting a provider for injectables?

Familiarize yourself with the procedure so that you have a base knowledge of what to expect. Research the aesthetic practices in your area thoroughly. Schedule a consultation. There may be a better option for your specific goal. Be sure to ask these questions: How often do you inject this type of filler? Will you be my injector at every appointment? How do you handle complications? How can I follow up with you if I have a question?


2020 Vision of Beauty Tour Influencer Experience
“I just came back from another great experience at @atlantafaceandbody. … As we age, our bodies start producing less collagen and we start to get these ‘hollows’ under our eyes that make us look tired and older. Dr. Elizabeth did the Tear Trough filler procedure on mine and my eyes already look so much better!”

Lim Sahar

 2020 Vision of Beauty

Suzanne Cypert | Concourse Athletic Club

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Working out meets total wellness at Concourse Athletic Club. The staff here is dedicated to helping members live longer, better and more fulfilled lives by assisting them with achieving their fitness goals. The amenities, services, and facilities available under one roof are added bonuses to the outstanding care and professionalism exhibited by the staff.

What is “in” for fitness?

Boxing and kickboxing remain very relevant because the mind and the entire body have to work together. In addition, home equipment such as Peloton® and the MIRROR have become very popular. We are also seeing high-intensity interval training become more popular simply because that style of workout does not require as much time.
Mindful workouts such as yoga, Pilates, and meditation are also continuing to be prevalent.

What trends do you see being popular in 2020?

Group programming and classes will continue to help create a community of like-minded people, which aids in adherence and positive results.

What should someone look for when selecting a fitness facility to join?

It’s important to not only look for a variety of equipment and programming but also true concern on the part of management and the staff to help your experience be the best it can be.

What is something about fitness facilities that the public often gets confused about?

Pricing. Because the pricing of newer fitness offerings is often structured by class, the cost may seem cheaper than it actually is. For example, you can pay $160 a month for just one format at a studio, but pay much less for a variety of classes, services, and facilities such as pools, saunas, etcetera at a ‘big-box’ gym.

What is one thing you want people to know about Concourse Athletic Club?

We genuinely care that you receive all that you need to achieve your wellness/fitness goals. We combine all of the amenities, programs, and facilities under one roof to keep you engaged and encourage results.


2020 Vision of Beauty Tour Influencer Experience
“A group of us got to take a class at the @concourseathleticclub in Sandy Springs (conveniently located by the King and Queen buildings).
FUN FUN FUN!!! We decided on a cardio kickboxing class, which, being a black belt in TKD was right up my alley! This was my first workout in about five months after injuring my back, and I gotta tell you—it felt REALLY good to kick and punch again.”

Kristin Andree

2020 Vision of Beauty

Donna Dombrowski | Anderson Aesthetics
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Anderson Aesthetics has one goal—to help guests become the happiest and most beautiful versions of themselves. By staying up to date with cutting-edge technology, treatments, and products, its team of experts can offer services with a track record of effectiveness.

What is something about nonsurgical facial rejuvenation that the public often gets confused about?
People are often confused about what the results of a treatment will be. Guests will often have an idea of a service they are interested in or maybe know the name of something a neighbor had done, but those treatments are for very targeted concerns. We need to understand what concerns you have so that we can make the best treatment recommendation for you, which might not always be what you thought you wanted.

What is one thing you want people to know about your business?
We think you are beautiful just the way you are. If there is something that bothers you or makes you self-conscious, we would love to help make that thing disappear from your thoughts so you can be your happiest, most beautiful you.

What trends do you see gaining popularity in 2020?

We are continuing to see a growing interest in our three most popular treatments, which are TempSure® Envi [regenerates collagen and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles], the fractional and intense pulsated light ThreeForMe™ combination [for wrinkles, sun damage, and facial veins]; and the HydraFacial® [to cleanse, extract and hydrate] and dermaplaning combination for maintenance and touch-ups between the other two treatments.

When selecting a provider for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, what should someone look for?

We think qualifications and experience are two of the most important things to look for in a provider. Ask your provider how long they have performed these types of services. If it is a laser-based service, is the provider laser certified in Georgia? Does the provider have experience treating your skin type, skin issues, or any other unique factors that could impact your outcome?


2020 Vision of Beauty Tour Influencer Experience
“I made my fourth stop on the @bestselfatlanta #2020VisionOfBeauty tour at @andersonaestheticsatl for dermaplaning. Love how soft and fuzz free my skin is after the procedure. Applying makeup has been so fun. Donna is so sweet and so good at what she does.”

Meera Diwan




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