Network Over 40′s Darrah Brustein Gives Her Best Advice

BSA - April Best AdviceDarrah Brustein from Network Over 40 is here to share her best advice to reduce social stress.

What are the most common social stressors people experience? 

Moving to a new city and not knowing anyone. Another stressor is when people’s lives take divergent paths. As some old friends have kids or move away, there is stress around how to manage those relationships and/or make new ones.

How can people reduce social stress? 

While it may sound oversimplified, the first thing you need to do to reduce social stress is to accept yourself. Be happy with who you are, and be happy alone. Once you can do that, you don’t feel nervous to be yourself.

How can people put their social stress into perspective? 

Remind yourself that other people want to make new friends too. And if you don’t click with someone, that’s OK.

How do you deal with social stress? 

I love to meet new people and learn their stories, so I look at interactions as an opportunity to do that.

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