Nutritional Tips for a Successful Peachtree Road Race

By Addie Balenger 

With T-minus nine days until the Peachtree Road Race, it’s time to evaluate your eating and hydrating habits so you will feel your best on race day. It’s important to plan what you will eat the days before and on race morning for optimal performance.

First, drink plenty of water, starting right now! As a runner in Atlanta, I know the importance of staying hydrated to combat the heat and humidity. Sip on water constantly throughout the day. You need to prepare your body by being in a constant state of hydration. Hydrating does not mean gulping down a gallon of water on race morning. You will regret this as you make a beeline to the porter potties located near the start line and along the racecourse.

Two or three days before the race, focus on consuming carbohydrates, but don’t overdo it. If you eat too many carbs, you may experience some unpleasant digestive problems. Remember, fruits and starchy vegetables are also a great source of carbs, plus they have lots of other nutrients.

On the day before the Peachtree Road Race, stick to foods that you know work for you. It’s not the time to try out a new recipe. For a pre-race dinner, spaghetti is always an excellent choice. The carbohydrates will give you extra energy for the race. Personally, I also like to add a small portion of lean protein to my pre-race meal, such as grilled chicken.

After the alarm beeps on July 4, eat something light for breakfast. A pre-race meal will keep your blood flowing and give you the energy to run. Try a piece of toast, bagel or oatmeal, which are great options. Try to eat roughly three hours before the race starts. If you always drink coffee in the morning, that’s okay, just be sure to wash it down with some water.

Throughout the Peachtree Road Race, stop at the water stations located every mile for a few refreshing sips. After you have finished the race, replenish your system with water and a sports drink. Both are readily available at the finish line. There are also refreshing snacks available, such as fruit or bagels.

Good luck runners and happy hydrating!

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